Laid Your Hand On Me

Laid Your Hand On Me
Laid Your Hand On Me

I took two photos in rapid sequence (7267 and 7269)1, using the same tripod, same camera (Nikon D7000), same lens (18-200mm f/3.5-5.6), same ISO (125), one photo with 1/40 sec / f 5.6 to capture the moon, the second one at 1.3 seconds / f 5.6 to capture the buildings and clouds. I then merged the two into one image. The second photo with a slow exposure had the moon as a white blur, and if I did this again on a similarly cloudy night, I would copy a larger piece of the night sky to block more of the moon haze.

Not to be pretentious, but I try to make photographic-based art, sometimes successfully. Photoshop is my digital darkroom, as I say all the time; I often tweak the raw image to conform with my intent, changing color, changing contrast, cropping, and so on. Tools are tools. I don’t consider this image trickery.

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  1. 7268 was also a photo of the moon, but using 1/60 sec []

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