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No You Cannot Use My Photo For Free Part 91

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Old Town Triangle District

Old Town Triangle District

I received this email last week:

Hi- your photo of the Old Town Triangle/ Historic District sign is fantastic. I’d love to use it for a mailing…I’m a Realtor. How do you feel about that and how would you want to be credited for the image?
Thanks-Jennifer Kindel

I politely responded that I’d let her use the photo for a reduced rate of $300, asked where I should send her a purchase order, and then even asked as a post script if she had any interesting loft style properties she could show us, preferably live/work buildings.

I never heard from Ms. Kindel again. She only wanted an image to use for free in her mailer, I’m sure she frequently agrees to waive her real estate commission when she sells a place, right? I wonder if she pays anything to the USPS when she sends out her mailer? Probably not, they don’t expect compensation for their work either.

If I wanted to send a follow-up, it wouldn’t be too difficult, here’s Jennifer Kindel’s LinkedIn page, her Twitter account, her Prudential-Rubloff home page, and so on. But I guess no response is enough of a response, actually better than an indignant reply, as long as she doesn’t go ahead and use the photo without compensating me.

This has been another edition of NYCHMPFF 1

Old Town Ale House
Old Town Ale House

Good Humor Man
Good Humor Man

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Written by Seth Anderson

February 10th, 2014 at 8:57 am

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