New Hampshire 2020 Primary

Retreat Was Out Of Hope

Briefly, I’ve never understood the reasoning behind dropping out after not coming in first or second in New Hampshire and/or Iowa. Why not wait a few more weeks and see what happens in the next round of primary states, especially the Super Tuesday round?

I’ve never been on a campaign, so maybe this is naive, but dropping out before any meaningful votes vast seems dumb. Your team and you have spent gazillions of hours so far, why not see what chance you have nationally before quitting?

I assume part of this is fundraising drying up, but in the 21st C.E. system, that shouldn’t be such a big deal.

And I’m not talking about peripheral candidates who never got any traction, for whatever reason, candidates like Deval Patrick, Michael Bennet, and that tier. No I’m talking about Andrew Yang, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and maybe even Julián Castro. Why drop out before March 3?

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American Samoa caucuses
Arkansas primary
California primary
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Maine primary
Massachusetts primary
Minnesota primary
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Tennessee primary
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Yet another reason that Iowa and New Hampshire should not automatically first, as we discussed recently

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