Delicious Twitter Feedburner IFTTT problems again

For a long time, I had worked out a good system, using Delicious, Twitter, Feedburner and IFTTT. I found interesting articles or phrases in my daily internet life, tweeted them, and these URLs would be fed into my Delicious account, and this in turn would seed entries into my daily blog email post (and in the sidebar over there to the right if you visit the actual blog page).

Don’t Know Where To Finish was uploaded to Flickr

Wolf Point somewhere embiggen by clicking I took Don’t Know Where To Finish on August 31, 2014 at 04:51AM and processed it in my digital darkroom on May 09, 2019 at 05:52AM — Update: apologies for multiple posts (IFTTT messed up again)

Paul Vallas Lost My Vote was uploaded to Flickr

In honesty, I don’t know much about Paul Vallas’ campaign for Mayor, but any idiot who spam texts me at 12:33 AM should not be allowed near public office. There is now zero chance I will vote for this jerk. embiggen by clicking I took Paul Vallas Lost My Vote… Read more“Paul Vallas Lost My Vote was uploaded to Flickr”

Is All Art Sacred Art? In a Prose Meditation, One Poet Makes the Case

The most straightforward version of those years would be a literary tell-all, along the lines of the former New Yorker editor Robert Gottlieb’s “Avid Reader.” But “He Held Radical Light” is something else: a collection of private memories, literary criticism and theology, plus an eccentric anthology of poems Wiman holds dear, all drawn into an argument about art and faith.