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Not a statement of purpose or anything so mundane, but a few bullet points about B12’s exercise in solipsism

Not a statement of purpose or anything so mundane, but a few bullet points about B12’s exercise in solipsism

  • Our tag line is “Spreading confusion over the internet since 1994“. This doesn’t mean we’ve been blogging for that long; however we have been online since then. Email used to be the annoyance of choice: forwarding hundreds of articles and links to a select group of suckers every week. A blog is a better vehicle, although perhaps slightly less personal.
  • Our title is ironic, but not completely. Solipsism has been topic of a blog post, at least once. In short, does anyone really care what anyone else thinks about the topic de jour?
  • Registration: encouraged, not required. Simple enough though, just sign in on any post.
  • Comments: usually posted, so go ahead and leave them. We read them all, and respond to most, if not all. If your comment is off-topic, but interesting, we’ll post it. If you happen to use a fake email, we don’t care since we probably would never want to email you directly in any case. A comment that doesn’t show up might be incorrectly marked as spam. Let us know if you think that has happened to you. If your comment is disgusting, and personal, we might decide to delete it, at our discretion. We pay for this blog out of our pocket, you are welcome to start your own blog and post whatever racist bile you want.
  • Topics: whatever we find interesting. We do have interests, obviously, but they are surprisingly broad.
  • Suggestions: if you run across an interesting topic, or have an art (music, gallery show, whatever) you want to promote, feel free to email us. We might not use your suggestion, but if we are feeling lazy1, it might get posted.
  • Links and blogroll: again, we welcome suggestions to add to our blogroll, but there is no guarantee we’ll like your page.
  • Email us at “swanksalot” @ if there is something you want to say.
  • Thanks for reading!

The text and photos used on this blog are licensed under a Creative Commons license Creative Commons License B12 Solipsism by Seth Anderson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Based on a work at

  1. which is most days []

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