The Whole Earth Family truck

The Whole Earth Family truck

The Whole Earth Family truck, originally uploaded by swanksalot. (click to embiggen)

A vintage Dodge of some sort (Town Panel, circa 1961-1966). There was a green paint on top of these letterings for many, many years, but the green paint has gradually flaked off, leaving the lettering exposed again.

I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos from my trip, here

Out on Highway 11

Out on Highway 11

Out on Highway 11, originally uploaded by swanksalot. (click to embiggen)

Heading north in the rain

The Ontario government has upgraded  Highway 11; where it once was a two lane highway, 11 is now is a four lane expressway. Of course, it no longer goes through South River, so it is possible South River will be financially impacted…

South River Public School

South River Public School

South River Public School, originally uploaded by swanksalot.

I went here for most of 6 years

Right after I took this photo, I drove to the other end of the school, where the playground was, and took a deep whiff of memories. Amazing how strong certain smells resonate – I inhaled the smell of pine and spruce, and was instantly transported back to when i was in third grade…

Heading South on McVittie’s Road

n/k/a Old Muskoka Road

When I was a child, the school bus dropped me off at the edge of the paved road, and I walked home down this gravel road, and then down our own road. About a mile in total, if I recall. Probably why I still love to walk everywhere if possible…

John Carroll

John Carroll

John Carroll, originally uploaded by swanksalot.

Died 1907.

Calvary Cemetery.

the dollar bill looking thing is a styled version of IHS
”in hoc sign”, Latin for “by this sign we conquer”, referring to the cross.

and is used by several fraternal organizations:

Reading Around on June 26th

Life Stinks - I Like the Kinks

Life Stinks – I Like the Kinks

Some additional reading June 26th from 17:22 to 17:22:

  • Interviews > Moby: Wait For Me – I love a good old Clash record and I love listening to Pantera, I love listening to the Rolling Stones but the music that I adore the most is Nick Drake or Joy Division or Sigur Rós, quieter records and music that really aspire to be beautiful.I tend to think of it in terms of there’s social records and personal records. I love the Clash, it’s very social. If you had 20 people over on a Friday night and you’re all drinking beer put on a Clash record and it’s great. Lying in bed at 9 o’ clock on a rainy Sunday morning you want something that is more personal, and, as much as I love social records, it’s those personal records that I tend to really cherish. I listen to a lot of classical music, a lot of quiet electronic music, everything from Nick Drake to Leonard Cohen. I mentioned Sigur Rós, some Radiohead songs, songs where you really feel the artist, whether they are or whether they aren’t, but you feel as if the artist is making themselves vulnerable through their work.

Reading Around on June 15th

Brian Eno and David Byrne

Brian Eno and David Byrne

Some additional reading June 15th from 08:19 to 08:19:

Reading Around on June 10th

1890 ad from the U.K.

1890 ad from the U.K.

Some additional reading June 10th from 19:41 to 19:41:

  • Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive « alex.moskalyuk – Number 7 sounds like Apple’s iPhone 3GS and 3G pricing model:
    “A more expensive product makes the old version look like a value buy. An example here is a Williams-Sonoma bread maker. After an introduction of a newer, better, and pricier version, the sales of the old unit actually increased, as couples viewed the new item as “top of the line”, but old product was all of a sudden reasonably-priced, even though a bunch of features were missing”

Reading Around on May 27th

Marilyn Monroe as an archer

Some additional reading May 27th from 11:09 to 11:13:

  • By Joe Hagan: Steve Earle and the Ghost of Townes – Too bad this isn’t online, wanted to excerpt a couple of paragraphs. Good article, but no longer on the newstands, so no way to read it now.”a profile of Steve Earle in the latest issue of ROLLING STONE magazine. Here’s the tagline:

    The country rocker almost died emulating his damaged mentor, Townes Van Zandt. On a new tribute album, Earle looks back.

  • Stupid and Contagious: Townes Van Zandt – “Rake” – One of Townes Van Zandt’s greatest of many many great moments? Impossible to say. There are so many classics in his almost peerless catalogue.But playing Steve Earle’s remarkable new reinterpretation of this classic track over and over and over this past week – less ostensibly mournful and a little more revved up perhaps, yet also, strangely, at the same time gloriously sparser than Townes’ original – we’ll say maybe it is!

    Beautiful poetry. Magical music. A superb performance. A pristine piece of perfect art.

    A true classic. If not only for the superb unforgettable line “except for the turning of night into day and the turning of day into cursing'”!
    “I covered my lovers in flowers and wounds”