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First Order from Fresh Picks

We were out doing errands yesterday, and noticed a van with the logo for Irv and Shelly’s Organics Fresh Picks. We looked them up on the web when we got home:

Squash - Green City Farmers Market

Irv & Shelly’s Fresh Picks™ offers year-round home delivery in the Chicago area of local and organic produce, meat, dairy and eggs. You can order online anytime to choose the specific items you want, or opt for a Fresh Picks Box that is automatically delivered to your door weekly or bi-weekly.

We are committed to working with local sustainable farms we personally know and trust. Our fresh picks will arrive at your door ripe and bursting with flavor, vitamins and minerals within hours of leaving the farm. We’re as proud of our farmers as they are of their food, and have developed tracking systems for the great local products in your order so we can tell you who raised them and how they protect your health and the environment.

We live in Chicago with our kids Miles and Lia, and like you, we want to have an easier time getting locally grown and organic food.

When we talked with independent farmers working hard to grow food without using chemicals, hormones and antibiotics, they told us they could use help getting their food to Chicago. So we decided to start Irv & Shelly’s Fresh PicksSM to deliver ripe food bursting with flavor, vitamins and minerals right to your door within hours of leaving the farm.

We want to partner with farmers to grow the market for local organic food and to improve our health and the environment in the process. We wanted to cut out as many middle men as possible and return the maximum dollars back to the farm so small independent farmers can flourish. That is why we are delivering local food to your homes fresh from the farms and directly to you. You can learn more about the benefits of eating locally grown food.


Very cool. Sometimes we get so busy with work, and don’t manage to make it to the local Farmer’s Markets, or even get to the grocery store. Having fresh produce around makes eating healthily much easier.

A couple of years ago we looked into Chicago area CSAs – a service which delivers a box of produce all year1, but we never signed up. Too much of a commitment I guess, and neither of us are really fond of winter root vegetables. Fresh Picks is a variant on the CSA concept, but also allows for the consumer to select specific items, via the web. If I’m happy with the quality, I might consider using their biweekly automatic order for certain staple items, but at least I can stick my proverbial toe in first.

Yesterday, I placed my first order at Fresh Picks. I might have been a bit hungry when I was browsing, ahem:

2 Zucchini each 1.69 3.38
1 Bok Choy 3.49 3.49
2 Avocado – Haas each 2.49 4.98
1 Mushroom, Crimini, 1/2 lb 2.99 2.99
1 Lemon each 0.75 0.75
1 Pepper, bell red 2.99 2.99
1 Tomato Grape, 1 pint 2.99 2.99
1 Lettuce Red Leaf 1 head 2.49 2.49
1 Cheese Goat aged 5 oz. 8.99 8.99
1 Fennel, head 2.99 2.99
1 Cilantro bunch 1.99 1.99
1 Arugula 5 oz. 3.99 3.99
1 Parsley Italian bunch 1.99 1.99
1 Tofu 1 lb. Firm 2.49 2.49
1 Cheese Cheddar Raw Sharp 8 oz. 5.99 5.99
1 Pizza cheese mushroom 6″ 3.99 3.99
1 Pasta Sauce, Garlic Lovers 7.50 7.50
1 Sprouts, Red Clover 4 oz. 3.99 3.99
1 Microgreens, Radish 2 oz. 5.99 5.99
1 Microgreens, Sunflower 2 oz 5.99 5.99
3 Lime, each 0.45 1.35
1 Tilapia FIllets 2-3/pack 8.49 8.49
2 Cucumber 1.99 3.98
1 Bread, 12 grain loaf sliced 4.99 4.99
1 Beets, Chioggia 1 lb. 2.49 2.49

The prices are comparable to any other organic grocery store, Whole Foods, or the Chicago Green City Market, or the Green Grocer over on 1402 Grand Avenue. I’ll report back as to the quality of the produce as soon as they bring me the goods…

  1. if you live in other places, there are probably CSAs near you, check it out []