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Photo By Seth Anderson Steppenwolf was founded in 1974 by Gary Sinise, Terry Kinney, and Jeff Perry in the basement of a church in Highland Park, Illinois. It relocated in 1980 to it’s current location and has become a Tony Award-winning theatre company. Modern plays with excellent local actors.

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Steppenwolf Theatre Company | In Chicago

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Abandoned Schiltz Sign on West Grand

Abandoned Schlitz sign on West Grand

Taken with the newish Ina’s 1935 film addition to Hipstamatic. Located on a wall at the southwest corner of the Damen/Grand intersection. There are apparently less than ten of these Schlitz globe signs still existing in Chicago. Most are better preserved than this one. In fact, some might even be given “landmark” status.

The Schlitz brewing company of Milwaukee was the most prolific builder of tied houses in Chicago. Designed by the architectural firm of Frohmann & Jebsen, Schlitz tied houses are generally executed in a revival style such as Queen Anne or Baroque with varying levels of accuracy and detail. One common factor in most Schlitz tied houses are the distinctive globes encircled by a belt, as if Schlitz had a stranglehold on the world. Another common feature is the alternating red and cream face brick which can be found in different patterns.

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Like this one:

Schlitz Trade Mark