George Ryan is an ass

A smug ass at that. If there were actually a god, Ryan would be in jail right now, writing his memoirs.

Chicago Tribune | Eric Zorn : There is a God.“

This, Sneed reports, was about all Ryan had to say yesterday shortly after he learned that a federal appeals court panel had issued the surprising ruling that he can stay out of jail as he appeals his conviction on fraud charges.

”There is a God.“

The Sun-Times put those words in tall type on its front page today next to a file photo of Ryan looking a tad happy and smug.

No matter how you feel about Ryan or the ruling, you have to agree that the presumption behind such a statement is truly breathtaking: That an event favorable to you and your wishes is a demonstration of divine will; of the beneficent, merciful hand of the creator of the universe reaching down to guide events in a way that shows he's on your side.

Especially when you contrast George Ryan's treatment to that of Marlon Pendleton:

Inmate to go free after DNA test | Chicago Tribune : A Chicago man who has spent more than a decade in prison for a rape that new DNA testing has excluded him from committing posted bond this morning and could be a free man later today.

Marlon Pendleton, 49, posted a recognizance bond in Cook County Criminal Court before being returned to Dixon Correctional Center for the final details in his release.

Last week, Pendleton's lawyers learned that DNA tests performed this month excluded him as the source of the genetic evidence left by the rapist in the 1992 case. Pendleton had proclaimed his innocence all along.

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