D & I ate a late lunch at Gioco yesterday, on 1312 S. Wabash, Chicago. Delicious beet carpaccio, drizzled with white truffle sauce. My pasta was average, D had to send hers back because it was drenched in black pepper. The second plate of pasta had a large pubic hair sauteed with the shrimp. Needless to say, we quite lost our appetites (though I had mostly finished my meal). Luckily, she didn't actually eat the tainted shrimp, though it was on her fork on the way to her mouth when I noticed the offending foreign article.

Having just read of vindictive waitstaff (and cooks: I remember quite well the constant stress between kitchen staff and waitstaff from my years at Magnolia Cafe South, not much me personally, as I got along with most everybody, but some employees constantly got under each others skin), I wonder if someone was cranky about remaking food right as they were closing.

The Waiter You Stiffed Has Not Forgotten:

What evil lurks in the hearts of waiters? Now you can find out. But can you stomach the results?

At least they comp'ed D's meal. But, they should have comp'ed our entire meal. Never going there again.....

too bad, I liked the atmosphere

A turn of the century, Italian restaurant in Chicago’s new South Loop area, Gioco is a part of the Marchè and Red Light family. Jerry Kleiner, owner and designer of Gioco refurbished the former mob-front and speakeasy space to its original state with dramatic ceilings, adorned mahogany accented walls, exposed brick, back-lit wine bottles, antique chairs, and an exhibition kitchen.

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