Don't they dare!

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busy day for me, but couldn't let this past without notice. Obviously, my blog and flickr conspired to quadruple post, doh!

Don't they dare!, originally uploaded by Louise LeBourgeois.

Dear Concerned Citizen:

The City of Chicago and Chicago Park District are concerned about the planned expansion at BP's Whiting Refinery. With this intended expansion a considerable amount of additional ammonia and industrial sludge will be polluting Lake Michigan, the very source our city depends on for fresh water.

We are outraged at the exemption BP has received from state environmental laws by Indiana state regulators threatening the efforts of the last 30 years to preserve and protect the Great Lakes, our region's greatest natural resource. We are so fortunate to have one of the world's largest sources of fresh water right at our doorstep and we need to take action in protecting this resource.

On Saturday, July 21 and Sunday, July 22 we will be staging a volunteer effort along the City of Chicago's entire Lakefront to "Save Our Lake." We will be asking everyone to help out by signing a petition to "Save Our Lake." In addition we are recruiting volunteers to help in these efforts by informing citizens about the detrimental effects of dumping ammonia and industrial sludge in Lake Michigan and seeking additional signatures for petitions.

Clean, fresh water is an essential human necessity that we require to sustain a healthy lifestyle. It is a basic human right. We must unify to preserve and protect this valued natural resource, Lake Michigan, so that future generations can use and enjoy its clean water. I urge you to join us in asking for BP's leadership in its protection, rather than its destruction.

To start getting signatures in your neighborhood, click here to download a copy of the petition. If you are interested in helping "Save Our Lake" this weekend please call 312.742.4775 or email us at


Timothy J. Mitchell
General Superintendent & CEO, Chicago Park District

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