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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Election year scare tactics

From the WaPo
Lawmaker Doubts U.S. Warnings of Possible Attack to Stop Elections (
A Democratic congressman who receives classified briefings on the threat of terrorist attacks said yesterday that top U.S. government officials' repeated statements that international terrorists want to disrupt the American electoral process this year "appear to have no basis."

Rep. Jim Turner (Tex.), ranking Democrat on the House Select Committee on Homeland Security, said that after several recent briefings by U.S. intelligence officials about perceived terrorist threats this summer and fall, "I don't have any information that al Qaeda" plans to attack the election process. "Nobody knows anything about timing" or the exact nature of any possible attack, although U.S. officials say al Qaeda wants to mount an attack this year, Turner said."

we read that the Bush White House is playing politics with terrorism, and terrorist threats. Go figure.

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