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I doubt I'll keep updating this long, but for the moment, here is yesterday's Twitter history, via Paper.LI's robot.

I installed WordPress 2.5 last night, and have been playing around with it for a few hours. Seems so much more responsive than Movable Type, at least at the moment. I don't know if that is because I have over 4,000 entries in MT, or because WP uses PHP, or if WP just is faster. MT gives one more control over the layout (templates for every page, archive, index), but this control also makes MT much more complicated to configure. I never did get the category archive to work properly, and gave up after struggling with the formatting for hours. Also, about every 3rd post made in MT doesn't complete the first time, I have to repost up to five times to get a proper response (though, this could be webhost-related, but then doesn't happen in WP).

Not sure what will happen in the near future, but for now, new content will be found here more likely than here. The only change is "/mt" to "/wp" at the end ( to )
Please adjust your bookmarks and RSS feeds accordingly. (I'd suggest keeping both active at least for a moment: a bit wishy-washy of me, but I have a lot of time invested in Movable Type.)

publishing failure

case in point - even publishing this particular entry took 4 90 second-long attempts in MT, 4 seconds in WP.
swanksalot's Your favorites photoset swanksalot's Your favorites photoset

Te Jays Adult Books

Te' Jay's Adult Books

Moving is grief

But as the cliché goes, if you are going through hell, keep going. Perhaps all will end well.

Check out my photo page, by the way - all images are for sale, at reasonable cost.

Test post

Is this still working? or what?

Moto Watermelon Cucumber

Moto Watermelon Cucumber
Moto Watermelon Cucumber, originally uploaded by swanksalot. from a birthday celebration, last year, 18 course dinner, with 18 glasses of wine (1-2 oz at a time, but still 36 oz of wine is a lot of wine).

This particular dish was (if I recall) the essence of a watermelon stuffed into this cucumber. Exploded when you cut into it.

which really was quite an experience. Not sure if it was worth it, too many of the dishes were over-poweringly sweet, like this one. I'd probably never dine there again; once was enough. Glad I went, but not really an experience to replicate.

previous photos

Designated Bird Feeding Area

Designated Bird Feeding Area
Designated Bird Feeding Area, originally uploaded by swanksalot. Stencil in front of the Haymarket Memorial statue.

Not officially endorsed by The Mayor.

Self Portrait 164 - circa 2002

Self Portrait 164 - circa 2002
Self Portrait 164 - circa 2002, originally uploaded by swanksalot. Walnut Creek, I think, or maybe Pleasanton.


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