DHL Sucks


Please do not send any packages to me or my company via DHL. Of the four major package services (FedEx, USPS, UPS are the others that we use to send/receive parcels), DHL is the most incompetent, poorly organized corporation. Our accountant sent us important financial papers Wednesday in preparation with a meeting with a banker scheduled for this morning, and DHL failed three times (i.e., three consecutive days) to actually deliver the envelope. The first time D called DHL, the rep told her that he was unable to find the telephone number for the DHL office nearest us because 'it was on his speed-dial'. He then hung up. Eventually at 8 pm last night, in a rainstorm, we tracked down the package successfully.

The other three services at least leave a note saying they attempted delivery, if for some reason we cannot answer the door. This is not part of DHL's corporate policy however. The onus was on us, the customer, to track down where the package was.

DHL sucks.

That is all.

DHL Slacker
To clarify, my DHL route is usually serviced by a pleasant gentleman, and I have nothing against him, seems to be trying to do his job. I'm more concerned with the ineptitude and maladroitness of the corporation, DHL.



DHL is simply terrible!! It's been a week now - still no package although I was supposed to get it in 24 hours. I wasn't home on first attempt, so I signed the form and requested they leave on the second day delivery attempt. Well, they never attempted delivery again. Here it is a week later, still no delivery. I tried calling their 1-888-2RETURN phone number, and they never answer the damn thing. Finally, they answered once, and some bimbo who sounded drunk told me there was a "driver issue" and that they'd call me back in an hour. They never called back.

Yes, indeed, DHL SUCKS!!!!! They are the worst of all carriers - I will certainly never deal with them again, if I can help it.

Yeah ... I googled for "DHL sucks" and got your site. And yes, you are so damned right! DHL SUCKS! I live in Germany and a client sent me a big parcel yesterday. We were waiting for the parcel the whole day and when we checked the letter box only a card was in it, telling that they tried to deliver. I swear, that we were there the whole day wating for the parcel and they did not even tried to deliver properly. I know the DHL man, it's a lazy, small fat man! Probably he was just to sluggish to get the 25 kg (55 pound) package out of is car. Not for the first time! Besides, the postage was about 60 EUR (79 USD)! Imagine this price! And they are not even able to ring the door for 60 EUR!
No wonder: DHL is a company of the "German Post". And the German Post was a bureaucratic company owned by the german state until a few years ago. And this lazy bureaucratic mentality is still in their mind. That's it. Now O have to go to the local DHL office and I swear: After this these lazy fuckers will hope that they would have done their jop properly.

I hate DHL. I swear that I will never use their service again. From now on I will only use american parcel services like UPS and FedEx. From the past I can tell that they do a great job in Germany. Professional, fast and reliable. DHL has nothing of these qualities.

Unfortunately someone else got :-(

I didn't know DHL was as bad internationally. Yeesh.

I blame all bureaucratic inefficiencies on Kafka. :_)

i ordered an item on ebay and it was picked up on the 18 0f jan 2005 , it was supposed to arrive on the 21rst 0f jan 2005 now it's the 24th and still no package. i called the dhl customer service and they told me that they had a delivery delay and it would be in and they would ship it as soon as possible they next day, well they next day was saturday and they're not even open on saturday, dhl is the worse delivery service i've ever dealt with, i'll never ever ever ever use them again.

I googled "DHL sucks" as well because they do. I was supposed to have a package delivered yesterday, but I saw that they "tried to deliver" so I called them. They had my address wrong. I checked the tracking today. Again, it said, "Tried to deliver." I asked what the problem was, again, they had the same address problem. It was never corrected! I was assured that it would be delivered today after they updated the information. It's 5:40pm here. No update on the tracking information on the website. Any bets on if they'll deliver the package? I wouldn't take that bet. Seriously... USPS does a better job, and costs less. F DHL.

DHL is the worst !!!
Package vanished (next day service 40lbs computer)
No insurance, they paid $100 I lost $550...
Never had any problem with any other shipping,
i was under the impression insurance is for damage never thought a big box would just disappear...
Now tracking number shows absolutely different info..



I just finished a crap-job at DHL. It gave me some insight in the system of this carrier: The computer system they use for their tracking and scanning is based on old fashioned and chaotic programs. You have to scan each package at each step of the process. However, over 30 percent of all packages don't go through the system correctly...
Most drivers are overworked. The coordination with sub-entrepreneurs sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't. The atmosphere at our station was poisoned by intrigues. I have learned a lot about the wrong way to run a big organization at this company.

Yea, I'm lovin it.

My wife dropped a package at the DHL location at Cincinnati/NoKY Airport with $500 of gifts in it on 24/Jan/05. Stupid of me!

The tracking number said it went nowhere.
Can't wait til someone cashes the check.

DHL = Definite Heister of Loot

Yea, I'm lovin it.

My wife dropped a package at the DHL location at Cincinnati/NoKY Airport with $500 of gifts in it on 24/Jan/05. Stupid of me!

The tracking number said it went nowhere.
Can't wait til someone cashes the check.

DHL = Definite Heister of Loot

Big F may be on to something: if the computer systems are archaic, poorly implemented, and cumbersome, then packages will probably get lost.

I just got a package from DHL. The idiot driver sat there and stood at his car, and THREW the package at my door! >.<! This is aggravating for me as these parts cost me 150 dollars! Luckily they didnt get broken. Fu*kin morons.

Yes indeed those mother f*ckers...... from DHL suck big time, they were supposed to deliver me a package...from which they charge extra money...because it was a high i am four days later and still no they're saying they now tried to deliver my package three times..wich is so not true...but anyway DHL SUCKS

Called up DHL customer service a couple of times , same experience everytime served by rude reps and they can't answer any questions. They will keep transfering you back and forth between department and trying to get away with it. Btw, billing department and all the rest of department are the same.

Saw DHL advertisement on TV saying that they will be new and different, naww..they are still the same old...bad DHL. I got fedup with them and will not use DHL anymore!

I strongly dissued anybody use DHL as their carrier for anything: They delivered my three packages after five weeks whereas the projected transit time between Frankfurt and Miami was two business days. DO NOT USE DHL AS YOUR CARRIER - I sent three different shipments, each consisting of two or more packages. Guess what: None of them arrived on time, two got lost - DAMAGE: €4,600.00 for three laptops and important tools.


I drove to their airport station 60 and picked up one of two packages. The other one which was part of the multipiece shipment was allegedly lost. After I talked to the customer care "specialists" they told me they "didn't care about my package any more" and advised me not to try going back to the station since the local staff would be "prepared" to "act accordingly".



Just have to chime in here as well. Tried to send a shipment to the Dominican Republic on Tuesday, Feb 16 for delivery on Friday, Feb 18. Shipment went to Dominica instead. Um, hello? DIFFERENT COUNTRY!! Dominica's code is DOM; The DR's code is SDQ - big difference!

I have been fed much bullshit by their CS, i.e., on Thursday told me there's not another plane out of DOM until Monday at 1pm (really? not one plane leaving until Monday?); in order to get from DOM back to SDQ shipment must come back thru Cincinnati (it has to go thru the DR to GET to Cincy in the first place!).


I will be doing everything in my power to make sure my $4 billion/year company never uses them again!!!!

ps - I googled for "dhl sucks," too!

I agree DHL sucks really bad, I sent an ipod back to apple for service. They dropped off the package fine when I didnt have to sign for it, now that it was fixed and sent back to me they cannot seem to send it. Such a group of fucking idiots. They say htey attempted delivery when i was home all day one saturday, then i call the customer service and i get some rude cunt who talks to me with an attitude when i was being very nice. All i want is my package and apparently that is very hard for DHL. I was supposed to get my package overnight on sat, it is now tuesday and still no package, gotta love it. I should call them and have them ship my fucking box via fedex so I can finally get the ipod.

DHL are shit!!
We used them for the first time the other day and our customer sent me this picture.
We refunded the full amount back to our customer because we where soo embaristed by what they had done as our chosen courier.
NEVER USE DHL if you want a package to arrive in working condition..

DHL is keeping my package at the douane for two months. They lie me and they lie the sender. It's unvelieveable how they lie!! I've already sued them for two delicts, no kidding! WATCH OUT THE WEIGHT OF YOUR PACKAGES!!!!!

I have yet another DHL horror story. It starts with a serviceman ordering a part for my washing machine. The part was to be shipped 2nd day air directly to my home in North Carolina. OK, fine, this was before I ever knew that the part was to be shipped via DHL, which I have instictively for some reason never trusted. Now I know why. I have been tracking my package from day 1. Well, on thursday morning, which was the day I was supposed to have RECEIVED my package, it was in Wilmington, Ohio. Oh by the way, the package originated in Waco, TX. I called DHL and they said that there was a processing delay and I would receive my package by 12 noon on Friday. Well, at 12:01 I called them and asked where my package is. Now they said there was a processing error. Since I had been tracking it, I now knew the package was in New Bern, NC which is only about 80 miles from here. Now today is Saturday, and I tracked it once again. It now was back in OHIO. I then called them again since I am now getting madder than a wet hen asking why the HELL it is back in Ohio. The representitive on the phone then tells me that I am not in New Bern's delivery area and it had to go back to Ohio to be reprocessed just to get shipped back to NC, this time to Raleigh, which is who handles the area of NC that I live in. I then asked if I can expect this package to arrive on Monday, 4 days AFTER the original promised date. They then said yes I will receive it by 5, but then in the same breath said since I was supposed to have received it on THURSDAY, I would probably have it between 10 and 3, but no later than 5. I guess I'll have to wait and see.
This is the LAST time I will have anything shipped to me via DHL. From now on, I am going to insist on UPS, even if I have to pay extra. At least I know I'll receive my package when they say I will.

dhl has just announced they are sponsoring major league baseball. this incompetent company just took a portion of the nextel account from us and they screwed it up so bad that nextel returned to us within 2 weeks of them switching. most theirdrivers are independant contractors and dont care where when or who signs for your packages! beware, I am an 18 year air express veteran! Major league Baseball beware dhl does not have a good newtork in the US they cannot match fedex or ups. MLB ships a million pkgs per year, this is gonna be a disaster, they will not be able to deliver what their commercial promise, I guarantee it!

I absolutely loathe DHL ! The stupid prats misrouted my packet sending it to Thailand ! instead of Russia !

I used to work for the largest meat processor in the world. Dell shipped us stuff through DHL. They would give the packages to anyone standing around smoking outside, we only got about 70% of our packages. We finally called Dell after the DHL guy dropped off 7 (SEVEN) laptops outside, behind our building after close on Friday night, and LEFT THEM. We had him on camera doing it, so DHL had to replace the units @ $2000 a peice. From then on, we had a special ticket number that we referenced when we ordered from Dell, and we used FedEx from then on.

This place really sucks. They treat their employees like dirt and then wonder why they continue to vote in Unions. THIS IS NOT GERMANY !!! U cant crap on your people and expect them to take it day after day ! And yes they do lose a LOT of packages, and you know what they dont care because they figure there are more suckers out there everyday. Keep your fingers crossed they are losing money at a fierce rate and hopefully we wont have to deal with them much longer.

DHL messed it up for the last time:

[Visit the link for another DHL horror story - editor]

So here is my horror story with DHL. I ordered a LCD TV from AMEX with my points. I recieved the confirmation email from the place that AMEX bought it from which is in NY. so i figure a few days. The email did not have a tracking number so i said ok. Last night i went on the website of the place where the item was being shipped from. It had been well over a week and i was wondering where my TV was. i punched in the order number and it gave me a DHL tracking numbers. Immediately i said great the King of F*ck ups. I clicked the tracking number and it said it was delivered on 4/21/2005 at address # 11 when it should have been delivered to address # 1. In fact there is no such thing as the 11. So i said great where the hell could this thing be. I call and get a pleasant customer service rep. She was very helpful but could give me limited information. it is 3:43pm est on 4/28/05 and im waiting to hear from them as to the status of my package. its been exactly a week since the delivery date and i dont have a good feeling. They left the friggen TV at a "front door" of what i ask?

These morons can't so much as deliver an envelope across the street with completely fucking it up! I sent some time sensitive information with these clowns, these fucking retards managed to not only ring a doorbell when they attempt a deliver but they left the item " maybe under the doormat", thanks for clarification, maybe everyone at DHL left their common sense under the doormat. You idiotic, slack jaw, pathetic excuses for dog shit, why do you even show up for work? How the hell do you find your way to work every day? I want the entire company to deliver a package for me...destination..HELL, who am I fooling, they'd manage to fuck that up as well. If you are a DHL employee reading this (although highly unlikely because you can't even read a fuckin address) I hope that someone you love needs something urgently and you send it via DHL, then after they get screwed (which they will) maybe you'll take a bit more pride in your job and maybe just maybe you'll look in the mirror and realize that nobody likes you because you are a DHL (dick head loser!)

Guys DHL SUCKS!!! Let's report them!!!

I generally like DHL's ground service, but I recently shipped some stuff with them, and you got it, they suck. I wanted to ship a package and avoid paying the pickup charge since their depot is not convenient to me. Since I work at a large company that uses DHL for our shipments, I decided (and DHL verified that I could do this) to just do an Airbill online and give them my credit card number and drop it off at my mailroom on the way into work. That worked fine, the package was picked up and delivered, albeit a day late. When the charge hit my credit card, I could have sworn it was for more than I was expecting. I wonder if they charged me for a pickup anyway? I still need to check on that. Then I wrote to them and told them that because it arrived late, they owed me the shipping charges back (they guarantee on-time delivery). They told me that their billing department would be in touch with me. They never got back to me. Then I shipped a second package. This time I had opened a DHL account but the Airbill holder I had from work did not hold the Airbill printed from their website when shipping from an account (I did get some shipped to me that arrived the next day). So I went back and did the credit card route again (this was before I had seen the overcharge). Well it turns out if you print an Airbill on your account, you need to log back in and cancel it or they will charge you anyway. I forgot to do that, so when I got my monthly statement, they had billed me for the shipment. I wrote to them, explained the situation and how I had actually shipped it via DHL anyway. They said the billing department would get back to me. They never did (surprise!), and a few weeks later they billed my credit card I had given them when I opened the account. I really do need to dispute that charge.

Anyway, I would definitely use DHL ground service again, although I'm not sure I'd trust them to bill me for service. It's too bad that OfficeMax is such a ripoff and adds 30-35% to DHL's counter rates, or I would ship through them.

I'd have to agree with everything that is being said about DHL. Prior to DHL merger with AirBornexpress I never had problems sending international pacakges with DHL. After the merger I figured let me try them. I send package with estimate delivery of 3-4 days ground. It took over 2 WEEKS. MF's, i will never send via DHL for any reason.

I work in DHL Cyberjaya facility in Asia, and I Can't believe this BIG time fat company sucks so hard ... they are morons, BIG time, I feel like flyoff from here, but i can't bcoz I have a year contract, My piece of advice, NEVER EVER, WORK FOR DHL mainly CYBERJAYA, SECOND EVEN by mistake don't sign any contract with company like DHL

So far 5 days late. I am the author of the Vampire Apocolypes series, the Chaotic Brood. I had bought a laptop and they sent it via DHL. One day late is bad enough as it is, but now 5 days is 5 days too many and is strangling my career as a writer. Im giving it 2 more days before I file for civil action against them and also ready to report them to the BBB

I was waiting the whole day for a package, and I finally saw in the website that they attempted to deliver. So I call the 1800, and they transfer me to the office it is supposed to handle my package. I was treated with low customer service and respect. The customer service representative wanted to make me feel like a stupid to excuse his inefficiency.

I used DHL for the first time to send a package to Europe, DHL managed to lose it. I don't believe they even try to trace or look for the packages, it's cheaper for them to pay the insured value...after all, we are just "small fry" to them.


Coincidental that we all have the need to rally together during out individual angsts? I think not! DHL is GHETTO GHETTO GHETTO. Packages just thrown at my door regardless of if i'm there or not...who is this elusive DHL guy galavanting around town in a mustard van dropping packages helter skelter hitherto and there? I've only actually seen one...and that was a fleeting image because i'm not sure if he actually knocked or if i just felt a presence at my door either way i caught him and before i got a good look he shoved the package in my face then alighted the stairs. my last package never made it.

As a DHL employee, I have empathy for your experiences with DHL Those problems are much too common. Let me add however, that DHL inherited many of these problems from it's acquistion of Airborne Express. DHL is working hard to solve these problems but it doesn't happen with the snap of the finger. DHL's biggest service problems are the result of using non-employee drivers who are poorly paid, poorly trained and not of a professional caliber. Airborne Express had moved their customer service from the local level to those big mega customer service centers with phone banks and part time people who are poorly trained, not paid much and really have no idea how the system works. Garbage in, garbage out . Once DHL eliminates these outside contract drivers replacing them with professional company employees, and moves customer service back to the local level, you will see dramatic improvement in service.

If you really want to make yourselves heard by someone who needs to hear these complaints, you need to go directly to the horses mouth.

CONTACT: John Mullen....CEO for the United States.

Direct phone line: 954-888-7333
Fax: 954-888-7310


ADDRESS: DHL, The Americas, 1200 S. Pine Island Rd, STE 600, Plantation, Fl 33324

Wait until you hear about my story. We had (3) major shipments DHL was suppose to quote on in China. If we accepted their quote, they were suppose to deliver the 10,000 lbs of items (about $20,000 of products) by ship to New York.

Instead of quoting us on the shipping charges, which we estimated to be around $3,000 in shipping charges, they illegally siezed one of the orders and upgraded the shipment from 'deliver by ship' to 'overnight delivery'. The cost of the shipping greatly exceeded the cost of the products. When I called to complain, I was told that this happens all the time. Then she said, "We know that we screwed up, but you are going to pay for it". Sure enough, they invoiced us for it. The invoice was so HUGE, that it would make you fall off your chair.

But, it doesn't stop here. They then siezed the other two shipments, and tried to do the same thing. Fortunately, we had not paid for those products yet, so the mfg had to get the police, and force DHL to forfeit the 2 shipments. At that time we were just starting to bring in the FBI for criminal arrest, and seizure of the products, but the Chinese police were able stop DHL, and get our products back. Our authorized shipper was then able to ship the products properly.

Then when I thought it was all done, another disaster is created. We are now being double invoiced for some of the shipment. When we complained, their attitude was, "We don't care, just pay us!".

Six months later, they are still demanding payment. Litigation is just around the corner. We are planning on suing several of the employees personally.

Several weeks ago, a company across town, with a name somewhat similar to ours, had DHL ship a tractor trailer load of textiles from Europe by ship, and guess what DHL did? They overnighted it, and then tried to deliver it our us. The girl who called, said that this happens all the time. She said that half the stuff never gets to the right place, and it never gets straighten out.

Our company ships thousands of packages every year, and maybe once a years, a package get damaged or lost. DHL is lucky if they can get 50% of their shipments correct.

My advice...If DHL gets near you, run like hell!

Whoa! that's atrocious. If the matter does end up in litigation, let me know what happens. I hope the case gets a lot of publicity as well.

DHL inherited many of these problems from it's acquistion of Airborne Express

Bullshit. Airborne had better service than DHL. It's not an issue of many different computer systems internally either since all of those systems were consolidated into one earlier this year. DHL is the only company with service worse than that from FedEx Ground.

[FedEx Ground has gotten better in the last year - I think they finally merged their address databases. Fedex ground used to claim not to be able to locate my building, even though the building is over 100 years old, and in downtown Chicago. Now, I have no trouble with FedEx ground - Seth]

Nordstrom just sent me a pair of gym shoes via DHL. They arrived fine, albeit a little late, but the box looked like someone sat on it, kicked it down the alley, then used it to mop up french-fry grease. The package got to me despite having the wrong name, address and apartment number. Now, I've ordered from Nordstrom before, and they send me a billing statement monthly, so I know my address is correct in Nordstroms database. In fact, using a different carrier, the address was exactly correct. I'm surmising that DHL managed to screw up my address all by themselves. Add it to the file....

DHL Mauritius sucks! Can I name a couple of names of the horses mouth persons there???

Sure Ahmad, go ahead, name the Names on your List.

Dhl sucks, because they pay their driver nothing. By the way their driver are private sub-contractors. Under paid, shitted on, with no vacation, no medical, no stock, no lunches and totally no respect....... get that. I think that Georgia is the worst place for all reason for allowing the company to eliminate benefit

DHL DOES FREAKIN SUCK!!! i was supposed to receive a package within 3 days...and now it's been over a week with no package. DHL SUX DHL SUX DHL SUX!

DHL are friggin awful - I paid the extra £10 to have my order of replacement parts for my computer shipped by next day delivery. Stayed at home all friday, checking the tracking - and then at 4:30pm BAM up it comes "nobody to receive, left card" wtf? My desk is next to the window, and there had been no dhl vans.

So I ring up and say "where the **** is my package?" and they say they'll try again on monday and they've logged my dispute of the fact that the driver called.

So I wait all weekend (I ordered next day delivery because I NEED this stuff) and then today sat on my sorry ass, not leaving all day in case I missed them and guess what. 4:30pm BAM up it comes on the tracking page again "nobody to receive, card left". Absolute crap! So I rang them up again, and was told that the earliest they could now deliver was THURSDAY - 6 days after they were supposed to!

Total bollocks, I don't know how they are still in business.

I don't know what's up with all of you DHL haters who feel that you have to leave your negative comments. I'm a DHL account executive and I can tell you that UPS and Fed Ex mess up just as much if not more. DHL inherited a company (Airborne express) that was about 3 billion in annual revenue. A company much smaller than UPS and Fed Ex within the U.S. DHL seeks to be a viable 3rd option, fighting the duopoly known as Fed Ex and UPS. DHL is the number one player in most countries across the world. DHL is investing over a billion dollars in their ground network in the U.S. And saying DHL is worse than Fed Ex ground. I think one out of every 3 customers I come across even have late shipments with Fed Ex ground or damaged shipments. Not only has DHL created so many jobs already in the U.S., but they manage to save so many businesses money, espcially small businesses which pay like 30 bucks for an overnight letter with UPS or Fed Ex. You all need to get a clue. Try googling UPS sucks or Fed Ex sucks, and you'll probably see stories just as bad as you all have told if not worse.

[editor comment: Pointing out truthful statements like, "my competitor is just as bad" doesn't excuse anybodys actions. Why not fix what people complain about instead of changing the subject?]

DHL always delivers late. Fed Ex delivers EARLY 50% of the time. Blow it out yer but DHL account exec!!!!

The problem with DHL is with corporate management. 60% of its work force is contracted low wage no benifit drivers. I have worked at two of these stations and in a two year stint there was a 90% turn over of drivers. Some lasted a month, some a week. The record was a gal who lasted a whole 20 minutes!

Training was and is so poor that it is equal to being non-existant. That coupled with the huge turnover of workers makes it ripe for lousy service, missed delivered and lost or even stolen shipments.

DHL also fired over 3000 workers in Sept 2003, right after Labor Day in what is known as black tuesday, that corporate felt it did not need after the Airborne Express buyout was completed.

If you are interested in how corrupt and twisted DHL/USA is, check this site out.

I just finished working for dhl today...
I found another job for alot more money for what i have to do...I gave two weeks notice, they stripped me of my job and took everything away..told me to go home, im just a number and they dont need nice!!
This is the worst company i have ever worked for...drivers are well intentioned, but overworked..some putting in 70-80 hrs a week, for 9.00 an hour, with no overtime. Dhl uses independant contractors to deliver the packages and these contractors only care about what they get. Our contract holder deposits 67,000.00 a month that is his profit...while we get 1200.00 a month, work 14-16 hour days and drive 200-300 miles snow rain or sleet or sun...whats wrong with this picture. DHL WILL NEVER BE NUMBER ONE...if u need something ontime and good service, with a good price..GO BROWN...after all, they have been around for a hundred years...they must be doing something right

I ordered some Bawls soda off the internet, It was shipped DHL. It was supposed to arrive on Sep 7, arrived instead on today SEP 12, after I had called three times, and was told three on three different dates it would arrive by 5:00. They had me waiting all week after work by the damn window. My neck is so stiff. Ill never order DHL again.

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