Bookmarks for January 19th through January 20th

A few interesting links for January 19th through January 20th:

  • Wonkette : Did John Roberts Screw Up The Oath On Purpose? – “The AP, which is now run by a conservative nut who hoped to have a job in the pretend McCain Administration, quickly published a bullshit hit piece by the conservative hack Mark Sherman.

    But at one point early on, Obama paused, as if grasping for the next words. Roberts helped him over the brief awkward moment, repeating a few words to get Obama back on track.

    Ha, yes, very awkward, the way Roberts said the magic words in the WRONG ORDER.”

  • Text – Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address – – Thanks for the shout-out, President Obama: “For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus – and non-believers.”
  • will become | /dev/random – “According to Federal Computer Week, at 12:01PM Tuesday when Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president, Obama’s site will become the new”

    Now live, check it out. Mike posted before and after screenshots too.

  • Talking Points Memo | Cheney and Icons – “Vice President Cheney is getting pushed around today in a wheelchair. Thankfully, it’s no serious medical issue. He hurt his back lugging books while moving out of the old digs. But it’s iconic. There’s no escaping the symbolism of the tired and enfeebled old guard hobbling off the stage. On so many fronts the stage setting, the unpredictable coincidences, perhaps just the fates seem to be conspiring to give us a dose of hyper-reality, not just the truth of the moment but a scaffolding of trappings and symbolic exclamation points to make sure we’re paying attention.”

    Could have been injured shredding documents.

  • Thomas Hawk Digital Connection » Blog Archive » Wordle Comparing President Obama’s Inagural Address With President Bush’s Farewell Speech – The wordle above compares the Inaugural Address presented earlier this morning by newly elected President Barack Obama (top) with President George Bush’s Farewell Speech (bottom).
  • Zyzzyx Road – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Zyzzyx Road (IPA pronunciation: /zʊzɪzɪkʰs/; or phonics: /zuh-zih-zix/) is a 2006 independent thriller film. It stars Leo Grillo, Katherine Heigl, and Tom Sizemore. The screenplay was written by John Penney, who also directed the film.

    The film has gained a degree of notoriety due to its extremely low U.S. box office gross ($30 USD).…Zyzzyx Road was shown once-a-day for six days (February 25, 2006 through March 2, 2006) at Highland Park Village Theater in Dallas, Texas,[3] a movie theater rented by the producers for $1,000.

    Cost around $3,000,000 to make, or $100,000 per US viewer.
    [Did make a total of $350,000 or so over seas]

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