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Damn You Global Climate Change

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Took for Granted
Took for Granted

Following up on my whine about not enough snow this winter, and too much rain, Tom Skilling writes:

Chicago received a hefty 3.84 inches of precipitation (water content) from Thanksgiving through January 2, almost all of it falling as rain. With temperatures around 30 degrees, the typical conversion from water equivalent precipitation to snow is about 10:1, so the 3.84 inches would convert to 36-40 inches of snow.

That is about as much as Chicago receives in an average winter. In a colder environment — with temperatures in the lower 20s — the water-to-snow ratio increases to about 15:1. That would theoretically yield between 55 and 60 inches of snow.

(click here to continue reading ASK TOM WHY: With all the rain we’ve had since Thanksgiving, what would the accumulation of snow have been if the temperature was around 30 degrees? – Chicago Weather Center.)

Now, four to five feet of snow would be enough snow that I’d be whining about summer instead…

West Loop snow flurry
West Loop snow flurry

Written by Seth Anderson

January 2nd, 2012 at 5:48 pm

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