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I am not a baseball fan (although I’ve been to a dozen or more games over the years), but I think the Chicago Tribune would do well to sell the Cubs to Mark Cuban.

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, one of the Major League Baseball-approved bidders for the Chicago Cubs, expects to receive confidential financial data on the team any day now and said Friday on a Chicago radio show that it is his “job” to convince everyone he is the best choice to own the franchise.

Cuban also told WMVP-AM 1000 hosts Marc Silverman and Tom Waddle he “definitely would want Wrigley Field to be part of the deal,” despite the fact Tribune Co., which is parent of the Chicago Cubs, has considered selling it separately, either to the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority or a private buyer.

[From Cuban says he will ‘pull out all the stops’ in bid to buy Cubs]

The genius of Mark Cuban is that he is sincere in his dedication to the improvements of his teams, and the city that supports that team. From all that I’ve read, Dallas has benefitted from Cuban’s ownership of the Dallas Mavericks.

“My job is to convince everybody involved that not only is it a good financial move to sell to Mark Cuban, but it’s also, you know, a good partnership move, that I can add value beyond just my checkbook to not just the Cubs, to not just the city of Chicago, but also to Major League Baseball,” he said.

“It’s about being a good citizen. It’s about contributing to the community, and to me that’s viewed to be just as important as Major League Baseball or the Tribune Co. You know, what can I do for Wrigleyville? What can I do for the community? And what are the ways that I fit in and add value? … There are a lot of things we can do communitywise that can enhance my chances, and so I’m gonna pull out all the stops.”

Asked if he believed he could rely on the support of Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, who also owns the NBA’s Chicago Bulls, Cuban said they “get along pretty well” and “we’re actually on the same side of issues probably 99.99 percent” of the time.

“If you talk to any of the folks in the NBA, they’ll tell you that I’m a great partner, that I bust my butt to try to do what’s best for the league,” Cuban said. “That’s not always what’s portrayed in the media. But those who know, know, and I think that will pay off. And if I can come up with a competitive bid for the Cubs, then I think I’ve got a shot.

“If talking to Jerry is something I need to do, then certainly I will and, you know, knowing Jerry he’d be wide open to it. He’s just that good of a guy.”

I hope it works out for Cuban and the Cubs.

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