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Harlan Ellison tells us, “Get Paid”! Applies to photography (no more freebies if there’s an option), music, writing, everything. Especially when a corporation as wealthy as Warner Bros is asking for free content, why should they get it?


(Note, Harlan Ellison uses many, many NSFW words, so adjust your viewing accordingly)

3 thoughts on “Get Paid

  1. Dean says:

    Hi Seth–
    I’ve wondered what the effect of flickr and cc licensing has done to photo rates if any at all–I mean, chicagoist and gapersblock are using solicited flickr pools for much of their images, but would they even be able to pay if they didn’t have free to use images? I mean, treehugger for instance is now owned by Discovery. Does that suddenly mean they start paying for stuff they’ve used from flickr?

  2. GapersBlock not so much (more text per page), but the Chicagoist wouldn’t be able to post a single entry without using somebody’s Flickr photo. If they had to pay, I doubt they’d post as much, or even be able to post at all.

    Actually, I stopped giving Chicagoist use of my photos recently. I wasn’t seeing any benefit to it. Though I still use CC licensing, so presumedly, quasi commercial sites could still ’em.

    It’s sort of like third world labor: the pool of available workers (or photographers) is so vast, wages are low, and not going higher anytime soon.


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