Bookmarks for August 27th

Some additional reading August 27th from 11:14 to 22:39:

  • New Haven Advocate: Tom Tomorrow's Convention Blog – interview with Tom Hayden – "Hayden: No … I've been to thirteen conventions, I've been in protests, I've been in party politics, I'm 68 years old and I was retiring out, but there's this emphasis on the fortieth anniversary (of the '68 Chicago convention), which is kind of a background noise, and so I had some books coming out, one of them on the Chicago trials, so City Lights suggested I come here. I've been on about five panels but along the way as I was preparing the books, my son and daughter-in-law were pushing me on Obama, so I became a convert to Obama just when I thought I was retiring out. And I keep telling him, that that's his message that people like me should retire out."
  • Media Matters – Tom Brokaw, historian – "Following Clinton's convention address, [Tom] Brokaw on why it's tricky for the Dem to attack the GOP candidate: "When John McCain was sitting in a prison in Hanoi, Bill Clinton was writing letters to his ROTC commander trying to get out of the draft!""
  • Media Matters – AP "FactCheck" distorted Dems' claim that McCain voted with Bush "90 percent of the time" – "According to Congressional Quarterly, McCain's presidential support scores (the percentage of roll call votes on which he sided with Bush's position) for each completed individual year of Bush's presidency are"
  • Hullabaloo – Village Fair – For instance, I was riding on a tram yesterday with a delegate from the midwest who was festooned with Hillary buttons. I asked her if she was excited about the speech to come and if she expected it to be controversial. She said that she hoped Hillary felt free to bask in the glory a little bit but that she knew she would come through for Obama. I asked her if she was going to vote for her in the roll call and she said she was sent there by people who voted for Clinton and she wanted to cast that vote. But she also said that as soon as he was announced the winner she was going to take off all of her Hillary buttons and put on her new collection of Obama buttons, which she pulled out of her bag to show me. I asked if she would work to get him elected and she chuckled and said, "of course I will, I'm president of the Democratic Club!"
  • PUMA Hunting – "From the media's coverage of the convention, you would think that Denver is the gathering ground for such voters, that you can find a PUMA behind every bush and around ever tree. The reality on the ground is that the vast majority of Clinton supporters here will be voting for Obama in the fall, many of them enthusiastically. You can observe throughout Denver Democrats wearing Hillary shirts with Obama pins, or vice versa.
    And yet, we are treated this morning by punditry and articles about how "many Clinton supporter say speech didn't heal divisions."
    It is one of the favorite tactics of the traditional media to build coverage upon false equivalency in order to portray friction or controversy in a given situation. A global warming expert–representing the opinion of 99% of scientists–is put up against a fringe climate change denier and is presented as being on equal footing."
  • BPA Free Bottle and Sippy Cup Cheat Sheet : SafeMama | One-stop child safety – BPA Free Bottle and Sippy Cup Cheat Sheet
  • Chicago Sun-Times :: Chicagopedia :: – Fun reference library
  • WordPress Coda Clips Collection
  • McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Phrases Commonly Used by 1950s Housewives That Were Often Misinterpreted by the Housewives' Husbands as Blatant Requests for Sex. – "I think it's time to wax the linoleum."

    "Has anyone seen my muffin pan?"

    "Looks like I forgot to pay the milkman."

    "I'll just put my pie on the windowsill to cool."

    "How about brown-bagging it for lunch tomorrow, dear?"


    "Ward, it's time you and the Beaver had a little chat."

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