Bookmarks for September 2nd

Some additional reading September 2nd from 08:15 to 13:29:

  • Just wondering Bob Casey = Joe Lieberman – "After 16 years of the media falsely reporting that then-Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey was "denied" a speaking slot at the 1992 Democratic convention because of his views on abortion, will the media now make a big deal out of the fact that John McCain reportedly wanted to pick Joe Lieberman as his running mate, but backed down when GOP leaders made clear they would not tolerate such a pick because of Lieberman's views on abortion?"
  • This is what vetting looks like – "The new GOP talking point, dutifully repeated in the last 24 hours by McCain's spokesman, by Bill Bennett, by Gary Bauer, by Bill O'Reilly, and pretty much by every Republican surrogate on TV (they're very good at handing out talking points) is that the blogs are mean. That's John McCain's only response to the revelation that he didn't vet his choice for vice president of the United States? That bloggers are mean? Wow. If John McCain can't handle words from DailyKos, how is he going to handle bombs from Al Qaeda? But putting that aside, what really irks the Republicans is that the blogs, and the corporate media, did the vetting of Sarah Palin that McCain failed, and refused, to do"
  • Seattle Voters May Decide on Bag Tax – <em>Beginning with these 3,400 questions, Science Debate 2008 worked with the leading organizations listed to craft the top 14 questions the candidates should answer. These questions are broad enough to allow for wide variations in response, but they are specific enough to help guide the discussion toward many of the largest and most important unresolved challenges currently facing the United States. </em>

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