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Bookmarks for October 1st through October 2nd

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A few interesting links for October 1st through October 2nd:

  • 100 percent, absolute truth? – Politico.com Print View – Liar McCain
    "John McCain told the Des Moines Register this week that he always tells "100 percent absolute truth," even in campaign ads. There's one big problem with that bold statement: it's just not true.

    McCain has made a number of statements — in paid ads and on the campaign trail — that simply cannot be described as 100 percent accurate. Some aren't even close."

  • Chicago Bar Features Sarah Palin Nude Portrait – "The Old Town Ale House is a dive bar in the Old Town neighborhood that is well-known for its hundreds of adult-themed paintings of bar regulars and famous Chicagoans. Its most recent addition is a portrait of Sarah Palin… nude.

    The four-foot-tall (1.2 m) oil painting portrays the Alaska governor standing on a polar-bear-skin rug (“she doesn’t believe in global warming,” said the creator) and toting an automatic rifle (“she’s really into hunting”). In the picture, Palin is wearing nothing but a pair of red stiletto heels and her trademark eyeglasses. A window in the background looks out onto an Alaska landscape, complete with a moose. "
    republished two of my photos of this bar

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