Bookmarks for October 2nd

Some additional reading October 2nd from 17:19 to 23:58:

  • What's missing from this election? Molly Ivins – "The late buckaroo populist and freedom fighter would have had a ball with the insanity of this current news cycle."
  • Palin Debate Preview: The Primer – "That kind of incoherent word spray (or "word salad," if you like) is the result of GOPAC training, but Palin has created her own, supercharged brand of it. And as a result it's turned into a trademark hook that results in the opposite effect from that intended. Instead of smoothing over and hiding a candidate's unpreparedness on any (or in this case, every) given subject, it instead highlights it, and makes it jump out of your TV"
  • Biden Wins, Hands Down – "According to a CBS poll, 46 percent of uncommitted voters who watched the debate tonight thought Joe Biden was the winner. 21 percent thought Sarah Palin won, 33 percent thought it was a draw.
    According to a CNN poll, 51 percent of voters though Biden won, compared to 36 percent for Palin."
  • – shaver razorback palin – Amanda Marcotte finds some die-hard Palin supporters deep in the heart of Austin (near Wheatsville Co-op, I presume). There's always been plenty of rednecks in Austin, just usually they don't mingle with sane folk.

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