Bookmarks for October 5th

Some additional reading October 5th from 14:51 to 19:56:

  • Daily Kos: The Guilt By Association Game – “with John McCain facing the prospect of getting his ass handed to him in November, he has decided that the mavericky thing to do is to swift boat Barack Obama by playing the guilt by association game. Great idea, Senator Straight Talk…but it’s no fun to play alone, so let’s add a couple of more players:”
  • Daily Kos: Rabid Republicans in Rural MO: We. Hate. Her. (Updated) – “turns out that they really, really, really, really did not like the fact that Palin flat out did not answer many of the questions. They found that to be outrageous. After all, the entire reason they were watching the debate was to see her answer questions, doggone it.They also did not like all her attempts to be folksy. To them it just came off as, um, I think the word they used was “phony.” In fact, the candidate who seemed to them to be real and more like them was not Sarah Palin but Joe Biden.

    The women, in particularly, did not like Palin’s flirty, winky act. That went over like a lead balloon. And both the men and the women did not like her “Can I Call You Joe” schtick. They found that to be disrespectful to Senator Biden.”

  • Sound In Motion: Acoustic Submarine – “an AMAZING bootleg of The Beatles, culled from several (unfortunately unlisted) sources, but this 39 track collection is excellent in sound quality, song selection, and really, just rarity.”
  • boxee blog » xbmc/boxee on Apple TV – maybe if I get bored in the long winter months, I may try installing this on my Apple TV.

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  1. avner ronen says:

    thanks for spreading the word about boxee 🙂

    sent you an alpha invite

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