The God Simulator

Being God for three minutes is fun, better than Queen for a Day anyway1. The God Simulator forces a deity to make several consciously faulty decisions to end up where we are today. Otherwise, you are just relaxing in boring bliss, as are we all. Wouldn’t want that.

Immaculate Conception

J’raxis·Com • The God Simulator
You are eternal, omnipotent God. For the past boring eternity, You have been sitting around in darkness twiddling Your thumbs wondering what the hell You are supposed to be doing and pondering where You came from and what Your purpose is and why You look like an angry old white man. Suddenly, You are hit with the desire to do something.

(via PZ)

  1. a repost from my old blog, but the God Simulator still works, and still cracks me up. []

2 thoughts on “The God Simulator

  1. Daniel says:

    This is pretty damn offencive..

  2. Offensive to who? I thought it was pretty funny.

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