Musebin sounds cool

I requested a beta invitation to Musebin.

Musebin wants music reviewers to cut to the chase, big-time. Never mind that girl you made a mix for in high school. Other music fans want to know what you think, and they want it now. In 140 characters or less.

Musebin is a response to technology-related shifts in music criticism. Like Twitter, it limits each album review to a single, 140-character line. And like Reddit, it allows users to rate those reviews up or down using Yea or Nay buttons. The result: a fresh and compelling way to share opinions and be entertained while discovering music.
“It’s a reaction to the wordy, wordy MP3 blogs and people craving really concise content,” explained Musebin COO Adam Varga.

[From Musebin: Twitter-Style Music Reviews with Reddit-Style Ratings | Listening Post from]

CDs shelf one

Sounds perfect for me – I’m fairly reticent here on my blog, I’ve used Twitter long enough to be familiar with the medium and its restrictions, and I’m a big consumer of music.

I’m probably going to start practicing here whether I get a beta invite or not, so be prepared for a plethora of short, succinct reviews of albums. Kind of a tune-up for all those best of year lists that are going to start appearing.

6 thoughts on “Musebin sounds cool

  1. Adam says:

    Seth, Thanks for blogging about Musebin. Have you got your beta account yet? If you have any feedback on how we can make Musebin even more awesome, please let us know.

  2. Yes I did, thanks for asking. My only problem so far is that I don’t have much spare time at the moment, so can’t post the reviews that are percolating in my brain!

    Also, I think Musebin will really take off when it gets enough active users to cover a wide spectrum, but I’m sure you are working on getting that aspect in working order.



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