Reading Around on February 20th

Some additional reading February 20th from 19:14 to 20:35:

  • So How Many Calories Are In That Beer Anyway? – A Good Beer Blog – * Guinness (4.1%) – 2000 ml equals a little under 840 calories. * Blue Moon (5.4%) – 2000 ml is around 1026 calories. * Anchor Porter (5.7%) – 2000ml equals 1180 calories. * Dragon Stout (6.8%) – 2000 ml equals 1240 calories. You can see where I am going with this. I feel like I am breaking some sort of guy rule. Some sort of unwritten law of the beer men. But we have to walk in this world in awareness. So you will not cringe when I note that one McDonalds Angus burger and medium fries is 950 calories or that the same number of calories in raw chopped red cabbage is found takes over 30 cups …which is like 3 bushels, right? You can handle this information. Because you are strong. Because you really prefer a six of Anchor Porter to 46 cups of raw chopped red cabbage.
  • Did Just Hand Over User Listening Data To the RIAA? – Last.FM might just be dead – I would stop using it
  • update: false! Good.

2 thoughts on “Reading Around on February 20th

  1. David Singleton says:


    Just to let you know the Tech Crunch/ article is utter bullshit:

  2. Good, I was a little skeptical, thanks for chiming in. I’ve had a Last.FM account for a long time ((August, 2004 apparently)), wouldn’t want to delete it.

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