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Reading Around on March 31st through April 1st

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Chortle At Joker’s Boner
A few interesting links collected March 31st through April 1st:

  • ESPN – OTL: Gotham’s Savior – E-ticket – Then I ask whether he’s driven to build a new thing here that will prove Phoenix was no fluke, that will show everyone that his system really works, that will silence the naysayers once and for all, and he says that until he has won it all, they can say anything they want about him and he can’t say boo back.I say Yeah, but aren’t you burning to shut ’em up?

    He says it doesn’t consume him.

    I say I get that, but wouldn’t you relish it?

    And he leans forward in his chair and reaches across the desk to wipe up a little mess of popcorn kernels with his left hand.

    He cups the bits of shell in his right hand, then pours them casually into the nearby wastebasket, and looks up with a sly grin and says, “You’re asking if I’m human?”

    Wish Mike D’Antoni would have accepted the Bulls job, oh well.

  • AIG Exec Whines About Public Anger, and Now We’re Supposed to Pity Him? Yeah, Right | Corporate Accountability and WorkPlace | AlterNet – DeSantis has a few major points. They include: 1) I had nothing to do with my boss Joe Cassano’s toxic credit default swaps portfolio, and only a handful of people in our unit did; 2) I didn’t even know anything about them; 3) I could have left AIG for a better job several times last year; 4) but I didn’t, staying out of a sense of duty to my poor, beleaguered firm, only to find out in the end that; 5) I would be betrayed by AIG senior management, who promised we would be rewarded for staying, but then went back on their word when they folded in highly cowardly fashion in the face of an angry and stupid populist mob.I have a few responses to those points. They are 1) Bullshit; 2) bullshit; 3) bullshit, plus of course; 4) bullshit. Lastly, there is 5) Boo-Fucking-Hoo. You dog.

    AIGFP only had 377 employees. Those 400-odd folks received almost $3.5 billion in compensation in the last seven years…averages out to over $9 million of compensation per person.

  • One Killer Smoked Brisket Recipe | Meaten – Anyway, that is how I do it, I hope that it made sense, and let me know how yours turns out.Viva Meat!

    Image courtesy of swanksalot1


  1. is it so fracking hard to give proper credit?? Still disappointed that TreeHugger is such a corrupt website. Meaten.com, which I imagine has a lot less traffic than TreeHugger figured out how to properly give credit to my photo. []

Written by swanksalot

April 1st, 2009 at 6:00 pm

2 Responses to 'Reading Around on March 31st through April 1st'

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  1. Saw your link back to Meaten.com and saw the part about someone jacking a photo. I can’t take good photographs so I appreciate people that can do it well and a link back for credit costs nothing.


    9 Apr 09 at 9:34 am

  2. exactly my (more convoluted) point! Disappointed that such a large website such as TreeHugger (owned by the Discovery Channel) couldn’t spare a link to the photo. My uncle (in the photo you used on your website) was pleased to see himself on your blog, it’s a win/win situation!

    Cheers, and thanks for stopping by.

    Seth Anderson

    9 Apr 09 at 10:12 am

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