Reading Around on August 4th through August 7th

A few interesting links collected August 4th through August 7th:

  • Whiskey – "I still hate myself,
    I still don’t believe in God,
    And that hole inside me has grown even bigger
    But I know better than to drink
    So much fucking whiskey
    For no good reason."
  • Backbeats – " The poem project is going fairly well; so far I have about a month’s worth of poems up, one per day. I’m trying to write at least a few per day so I have a backlog of poems ready in case I want to take a break, or go on a vacation, something, anything. I didn’t think I’d ever be writing poems again, but you know, it’s better than nothing. I’m just glad to have an outlet. What I do need, however, is exposure. It’d be nice to have a few inbound links from other people — if you’ve got any websites or leverage, that’d be pretty good. Or even better yet, encouragement, or pinging anybody you do know who’s into this kind of stuff."
  • A Glorious Gallery of Rot: Compost as Art (Pictures) | Lighter Footstep – " Nationally, food waste and spoilage amounts to losses in excess if $75 billion. In some sectors of agricultural production, waste can be as high as 40 percent. These autumnal fruits and vegetables — photographed being readied for compost by Flickr user swanksalot —  will get another shot at the table next season."
  • Obama Foodorama: President Obama Gives Birthday Love–and Cupcakes–To Legendary White House Correspondent Helen Thomas – "Helen Thomas is the oldest correspondent in the White House Press Corps, and today she turns 89, right alongside President Obama, who turns 48. During today's press briefing, the President personally delivered birthday cupcakes to Ms. Thomas in the White House briefing room, a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday" was sung, and he gave her a birthday kiss"

2 thoughts on “Reading Around on August 4th through August 7th

  1. One of Seth’s photos is in the compost story identified above. It’s the amazing autumnal food waste shot.

    Seth, thanks for making it available under the Creative Commons!

  2. Dennis says:

    Thanks, Seth. I appreciate it.

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