Anthony Bourdain Loves Him Some Chicago Dogs

Can’t say I blame him, New York City dogs are decidedly lesser than Chicago dogs. Also, deep dish pizza is like eating a big piece of bread, and I’m not a huge fan either.

Chicago Dog

Kevin Pang interviews Bourdain, including this question:

KPangWhat can you say about the Chicago food scene that would piss off Chicago foodies?

I don’t like deep dish pizza, except for Burt’s Place (in Morton Grove) which was quite wonderful. Most deep dish is awful and not pizza, I don’t know what it is. It’s ugly stuff. But that’s about it. I love Chicago. Chicago’s one of the few American cities that’s big enough to support a large number of high end restaurants. A lot of cities cannot support restaurants like Charlie Trotter or Alinea or Blackbird. There just aren’t enough wealthy people. It’s a big town, it’s got great food on the high end and low end. And I’m on record admitting the Chicago hot dog is far superior than the New York hot dog.

KP: Any places in Chicago you’re eager to visit?

Publican I’d like to try.

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