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Reading Around on May 9th through July 7th

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A few interesting links collected May 9th through July 7th:

  • Pepsi Ethics : Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted) – It’s taken me a few hours to cool off enough to write coherently and without using (too much) profanity after I learned that ScienceBlogs added a corporate PR blog about nutrition written by PepsiCo. I think I’ve learned all I care to know about corporate “food” giants’ definition of what is “nutrition” by being confronted daily by a flock of hugely protruding bellies and jiggling posteriors everywhere I goBatman juice
  • Rand Paul has long history of controversial views – no wonder Rand Paul doesn’t want to talk to the press anymore – they might ask him about the crazy shit he’s said
  • + TheCoolShot + Authentic Russian Toast + – Your shot of iced vodka at The Russian Tea Time is served straight up in a chilled 2 oz. glass and is accompanied by traditional morsels – pickled cucumber and pumpernickel bread bite. Have it within a reach.

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