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Feral Pigs in Dallas

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Cleaning UpCleaning Up Swine…

SOUTHLAKE, Texas—Police officer Ric Salas is mounting a sting operation to catch a gang of vandals terrorizing this affluent Dallas suburb.

His plan: lure them with corn, trap them in a pen—and avoid their pointy tusks.

The police officer is on feral-pig patrol, charged with fighting back the stout, smart, snouted invaders that are tearing up flower beds and street medians in search of roots and grubs. One evening recently, they dined at—and trashed—the parking lot of a Verizon office building.

Wild pigs, descendants of animals brought by the Spanish conquistadors, have foraged in Texas for centuries and have long been a pest on ranches. But as cities and suburbs swallow up more land, they are becoming an urban nuisance as well.

Eradication methods common in rural Texas, such as shooting feral pigs from helicopters, don’t lend themselves to a more urban setting. So police departments and animal-control officers are trying new ways to stymie the wily wild swine, methodically tracking the marauders’ hoofprints and setting up night-vision cameras to monitor their movements.

(click to continue reading Texas Calls in the Law in Its Beef With Feral Porkers – WSJ.com.)

There’s a joke to be made here, but I’ll leave to you, the humble reader…

Written by Seth Anderson

December 2nd, 2010 at 10:26 am

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