Hospital Loses Catholic Affiliation

Sin will find you out

Sad, doctrinaire rulings judged to be more important than human life to the Church; the mother’s health weighed as less important than her fetus. At least St. Joseph’s Hospital had the strength of its convictions

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of Phoenix announced on Tuesday that St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center could no longer identify itself as Roman Catholic because it violated church teachings by ending a woman’s pregnancy in 2009. Hospital administrators said the procedure was necessary to save her life, and stood by their decision even after Bishop Olmsted excommunicated a nun on the hospital ethics committee. The hospital, which receives no money from the Phoenix diocese, can no longer hold Masses.

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3 thoughts on “Hospital Loses Catholic Affiliation

  1. Paul Peters says:

    Any Catholic Hospital, Organization, or Person that does not adhere to the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition” should not commit FRAUD by calling themselves Catholic. All they need to do is change their name to Joe Schmoe Memorial, and remove all Catholic religious symbols.
    Any person seeking murder (abortion), euthanasia in some states, sterilization, and contraceptives should merely go to another hospital who specializes in these things. By the way, the article is not accurate, and one abortion is not the entire reason, I read the 4 pages including decree.

  2. Paul Peters says:

    No one believes the NY Times anymore because they mess with the facts to boost readership. They almost went bankrupt due to readership loss.

    The woman had hypertension which is treatable without abortion by Specialists. CHW also performs voluntary sterilizations, contraception counselling and distribution, and abortions. This is all included in the decree.
    By the way for future publication Catholics who do not adhere to the teachings in the “CCC 2nd Ed” are Heritics, Schismatics and/or Apostates and automatically EXCOMMUNICATE THEMSELVES by Canon Law 751 & 1364.- Each person dictates and makes his/her own decisions based upon words and actions.

  3. so you say, but why is the life of the unborn more important than the life of the mother? If the mother died, wouldn’t both the mother and child be dead?

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