Texas In Trouble

Looking Up- Texas Capitol Building Austin

Ru-oh. How is Governor Good Hair going to spin this? I’m sure if Texas had seceded, this wouldn’t even be discussed in public. Too bad there isn’t an impeachment mechanism in Texas – Rick Perry has been leading Texas into its current sorry state for a long time.

Texas is expected to collect $72.2 billion in taxes, fees and other general revenue during the 2012-13 budget, down from the $87 billion used in the current two-year budget, Comptroller Susan Combs announced Monday. That puts the shortfall at $27 billion given that maintaining services would run $99 billion for biennium.
Collections for the current budget will come in $4.3 billion less than budgeted.
Click here to read the comptroller’s report (PDF)

Combs’ estimate dictates how much the Legislature will have to spend in the upcoming budget on education, prisons, health and human services and a slew of other state functions.

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