Facebook Ad Performance Is Abysmal

No kidding. Facebook ads are horrible, poorly executed, often bottom of the barrel, like late night television infomercials. No wonder they don’t get clicked. You’d think with Facebook would do a little better since they have so much information about their users, but…


Facebook’s advertising business is soaring. Yet the performance of the average Facebook ad is abysmal.

At least that’s according to a new report issued by the analytics firm Webtrends that recently examined 11,000 different Facebook ad campaigns which totaled 4.5 billion impressions. Webtrends found that in 2009 the average click-through rate on Facebook was 0.063 percent. That figure slipped to 0.051 percent in 2010.

Because of that decline, CPMs on Facebook have crept upward, going from 17 cents in 2009 to 25 cents last year.

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