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Atheist in Florida Files Suit Citing Harassment in Arrest

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Picasso on The Cross

Picasso on The Cross

Sheriff Grady Judd sounds like a real jerkstore. He should move to Yemen or Afghanistan if he’s so intent upon living in an intolerant country. Or Arizona…

MIAMI — An atheist in Central Florida filed suit in Federal District Court in Tampa on Friday, accusing the Polk County sheriff, an evangelical Christian, of harassing and unnecessarily arresting her as retaliation for not believing in God and for her efforts to keep prayer out of public meetings.

EllenBeth Wachs, the legal coordinator for the group Atheists of Florida, asked the court to prevent the sheriff, Grady Judd, from conducting any new investigations, arrests or complaints resulting from her “nonreligious, atheist viewpoint in the predominantly Christian-oriented Polk County, Fla.” The sheriff’s actions, including two arrests and searches of her house, violated her First Amendment rights and her right to due process, the suit states.

A nonpracticing lawyer, she signed the requests with the designation Esquire after her name. Sheriff Judd sent a team of officers to arrest her and charged her in March with illegally posing as a lawyer, a felony.

“This does not violate any bar rules,” said her lawyer, Lawrence G. Walters. “She is allowed to use esquire.”

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Written by Seth Anderson

June 25th, 2011 at 8:57 am

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  1. There is a serious problem in central Florida with law enforcement officials using their opinions and beliefs to interpret the law and violate the Constitutional Rights of hundreds of people especially in Polk County and surrounding counties. The only problem is because of the subject matter and the lies that are being told about it, everybody refuses to do anything about it but not me. Visit http://floridascandal.blogspot.com for more information on the internet stings performed in central Florida.

    AnarchyIsBetter: Always promoting the impeachment and downfall of typical citizens in positions of power.


    6 Aug 11 at 1:54 pm

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