Sears offered $400 million to Flee Illinois

Demon Eyed Truck
Demon Eyed Truck

I say, good riddance. If a company like KMart/Sears cannot survive without corporate welfare, then maybe they deserve to be banished. Their executives can home school their kids, etc., and maybe even visit Chicago over the holidays…

Ohio has offered $400 million in incentives to retailer Sears Holdings Corp. to relocate its headquarters from Illinois to Ohio, a source familiar with the discussions told Reuters. The news comes just days after the Illinois state house voted down a proposal that would have given $100 million in tax relief to CME Group and Sears, which have threatened to move to other states. Sears declined to comment. Earlier this week, a Sears spokesman said the retailer had received proposals from about a third of the 50 U.S. states, and executives of the parent of Sears department stores and the Kmart chain have visited Columbus, Ohio, and Austin, Texas, to explore possible sites.

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