Random Friday – Too Much To Dream Last Night Edition

A randomized selection from my iTunes library for your amusement and or bemusement.

 Random Artwork 2012 09 11

Random Artwork  

  1. Electric PrunesI Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
    Complete Reprise Singles
    I have a well documented fondness for garage rock. I know absolutely zero about this band, other than they were from the San Fernando Valley area, and this song was on the Lenny Kaye Nuggets series. Even after a thousand listens, still love that electric bee humming opening sound. 
  2. Cat Power3,6,9
    songs that rhyme “nine” with “wine” are suspect, but this isn’t a bad tune.  
  3. Willie Nelson & Asleep At The WheelI Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None O’ This Jellyroll
    Willie & The Wheel
    Western Swing tune. Needs more beer, and maybe some peanut shells on the floor… 
  4. Anders Osborne & “Big Chief” Monk BoudreauxMeet The Boyz On The Battlefront
    Doctors, Professors, Kings & Queens: The Big Ol’ Box Of New Orleans
    I know this song from the Wild Tchoupitoulas – any other version will probably be lesser. Still has a good dance rhythm, just not as funky as the Wild Tchoupitoulas.
  5. Tom Tom ClubDowntown Rockers
    Downtown Rockers
    From their new EP, which isn’t bad, as far as these things go. Needs some angular David Byrne lyrics to really be good, and that’s not going to happen anytime soon. 
  6. Ron SexsmithThis Is Where I Belong
    This Is Where I Belong (Songs Of Ray Davies)
    another song that is lesser compared to the original, in this case, by the Kinks, on Face to Face. 
  7. Max RomeoI Chase The Devil
    War Ina Babylon
    Not sure why Max Romeo wants to wear an iron shirt, seems heavy, no matter, this song is very catchy. 
  8. Beau JocquePop That Coochie
    Roll Up The Rug Vol. 2
    Uhh, slightly NSFW zydeco tune. Pop that coochie all night… 
  9. PJ Harveywe float
    stories from the city, stories
    closing track from this odd PJ Harvey album, incarnation of her as a New York sophisticate, or something. Not her typical brash style, more understated. 
  10. Uncle TupeloNew Madrid
    Unfortunately, the final album from one of my favorite artists, Uncle Tupelo.  Great song from a great album by a great band. Wilco is pretty good, but I’ll always have a special appreciation for Uncle Tupelo.
  11. Jimi Hendrix ExperienceMay This Be Love
    Are You Experienced?
    a favorite ballad from Hendrix’s debut album. Delicate guitar work makes this genius.
  12. Black SabbathHole In The Sky
    a guilty pleasure, I love this riff-heavy propulsive song with nonsense lyrics. 
  13. James, SkipI’m So Glad
    The Rough Guide to Delta Blues
    Skip James is like no other blues singer, of his era at least.  Odd guitar tuning, and falsetto voice. This is a song that is much better than the Cream cover version. 
  14. Foo FightersRope
    Wasting Light
    Let me go on record as saying I like the acoustic version of Foo Fighters better that played at the recent Apple iPhone 5 announcement. And parenthetically, would Kurt Cobain have consented to playing at such a corporate event? Even for a corporation with indie cred like Apple? 

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