Spam Report – Dear , Quotation Request ASAP

Somewhere, there is an energy leak
Somewhere, there is an energy leak

Amusing spam I received today via ( [])

purportedly from

envelope-from “”

I was wondering if you could send me quotes for the attached, I will be in United States of America Chicago – 60629, next month, and i will be visiting your office for further discussion about these orders, i hope your office is still located at 6933, S Rockwell,.
I respectfully request that you treat this inquiry with utmost importance I look forward to your response soon, take care.

Warm Regards Ragesh.

Also attached was an Excel document that I opened in Preview. There was text:

As for the above inquires, please do not forget to include the following.
Delivery terms/method
Payment terms, preferably TT
30% after i come to your office and 70% upon completion
Production duration
How long before delivery

There also looks to be five macros. I couldn’t exactly see what the macros included did, but it looked as if they would take multiple files off of my desktop, if I ran Windows, and send them somewhere. Not worth investigating further.

The .de domain looks to be from the Federal Republic of Germany, and .dr is allegedly from somewhere called the Deltoran Republic, which looks to be a made-up country with its own domain. Weird, really, try searching for it yourself, you’ll be amused. 

Avoid The Marxist Apocalypse
Avoid The Marxist Apocalypse

If you know Chicago at all, the idea of me having an office located at 6933 S. Rockwell is amusing. I guess there could be a home office of some sort, but looks to me to be a two-story building in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood, not a typical business address, and especially not a manufacturing concern. This seems like such a random place to direct spam towards. The quotation never says exactly what is being quoted, but I guess if you are actually a business located at 6933 S. Rockwell in Chicago Lawn, you already know what it is you manufacture, and if you are willing to accept Telegraphic Transfer of bank funds. 

3 thoughts on “Spam Report – Dear , Quotation Request ASAP

  1. I received the same email and did not like the look or sound of it. I Googled the email and found your link.
    Thank you for posting!
    Why did you open the attachment?

  2. Well, I’m on a Mac, so I’m irrationally confident that these sorts of viruses won’t affect me, and I knew Preview (a PDF viewer) wouldn’t understand them anyway. Still was probably a stupid thing to do, but seems ok.

  3. R says:

    I received the same message. Haven’t opened the attachment files for obvious reasons. The “office address” on mine was in fact my parents’ home address. Not sure what this clown is up to but they better not make an appearance.

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