Killer whale threw British sailor’s yacht around like rag doll

Count me on Team Orca still…

Whale Spit

The Independent reports:

He said his boat was wrecked by the mammals as they tore off its rudders.

“I noticed a fin then noticed a light bump and then a very big bump and looked round and there was a very large whale pushing along the back and trying to bite the rudder,” he told BBC Radio 4.

“To begin with there was one big whale and four smaller whales and they were just bumping it and bumping it and then one of them managed to take off one of the rudders – the boat has two.

“Then we lost the second rudder so we had no mechanism of steering the boat and the whales were in charge of the boat and they pushed us around like a rag doll,” he added.

Last month sailors in the straits of Gibraltar were warned to protect themselves against the growing number of orca attacks.

More than 250 boats have been damaged, with three sunk, since the attacks off the coast of Spain and Portugal were first reported in 2020.

Fifteen of the region’s 35 killer whales are said to be responsible – but it is thought a female orca called White Gladis was the one to “teach” others to attack the passing vessels after she collided with a boat.

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Not the Loch Ness

There are many, many places on Earth that humans have decided that other humans cannot go, there are many, many places on Earth that humans discourage animals from going, why can’t whales have a place where humans aren’t welcome? Why do humans always get to make these decisions?

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