Unnamed Yet Delicious Rum Based Cocktail

Unnamed rum cockail

I wish I could source this cocktail, find it mentioned somewhere in one of my many bartending books, or on a recipe site. On the social media site, Mastodon, I follow the hashtag, cocktails, and about 2-3 months ago, someone posted this recipe. I’ve since made1 several, they are just so damn deliciously refreshing!

Mix ingredients over ice, and either serve in a coupe glass, as shown above, or on the rocks, which is what I usually do.

The worst part about this cocktail is after you’ve had one, you’ll want another right away. Might as well use the other half of your lime, right?

So what should the name of this cocktail be? Or do you know what it is called?

Plantation Barbados Rum

  1. and consumed joyfully!! []

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