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Sally Quinn Wants Obama to Wear God, Has Gone Mad – Esquire

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Fascist Threat and Commie Lies

Fascist Threat and Commie Lies

Earlier, I read…

The continued authorship of something called “On Faith” by Beltway social-climber and Hall of Fame trophy wife Sally Quinn remains the most hilarious thing about The Washington Post, a once-great newspaper now d/b/a an adjunct to the educational testing institute. In her dotage, Sal has become a spiritual explorer, a religious quester, and a thoroughgoing loon. Reading her stuff is like showing up at Lourdes and finding Bernadette Soubirous standing there, dressed in Prada, chilling the champagne and offering the Blessed Mother a couple of seats at the owner’s box at the next Redskins game.
Anyway, she seems to have been transported to something resembling ecstasy by the fact that Willard Romney took time out from stomping on the Eighth Commandment the other night long enough to mention a certain Deity, although not by name….

Sally Quinn Wants Obama to Wear God, Has Gone Mad – Esquire

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October 5th, 2012 at 9:31 pm

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