Annual Daylight Savings Kvetch

Photograph of a clock tower - If You Ever Get The Time To Think Of Me

Today is the day we are allowed to lament the collective stupidity and inaction regarding Daylight Savings, right? I think at this stage of civilization, we could collectively choose a time and stay there all year, without moving it around on a whim. Sometimes in a year, based upon where you live, and the season, it will be dark when you get up, sometimes it won’t. Some parts of the year you’ll end your work day in darkness, some parts not. But your internal clock won’t be scrambling to adjust to the new time twice a year.

When I’m dictator of the world…

Disrupted Sleep Time – A Daylight Savings Complaint

Time is out of Focus
Time is out of Focus…

I am an American, so I am allowed to complain every year about the aberration of Daylight Savings Time, also known as Disrupted Sleep Time. Now that America is not a farm-centric nation, why do we torture our bodies every six months and change the clocks? Pick a time and keep it!

I like seeing sun later in the day instead of worrying about when it gets light in the morning – for me, I’m bleary eyed and in search of coffee no matter when I wake up. Having light outside makes no difference to me in the morning, I’d rather have daylight at 7 PM than be able to see my cows as I milk them.

In other words, keep the clocks set in the “spring forward” position, but don’t change them back!

No Time For Pity
No Time For Pity

From Four Till Late
From Four Till Late

Gin O Clock Came Early Today
Gin O’Clock Came Early Today

You Know All About Time
You Know All About Time

It Is Nearly Beer O Clock
It Is Nearly Beer O’Clock