Bicycle Accident

Today, I took a bike ride west on Fulton, enjoying the splendid weather. Made it nearly as far as Damen when a pothole/cavern impeded my progress.

I swerved to avoid the hole (which was as wide as the entire westbound lane), but suddenly noticed a Ford Explorer directly behind me. Slammed on my brakes, and did a stoppie: ie, my front tire stopped first, and I was thrown over my handlebars to the pavement. Luckily was wearing bike gloves, so my hands were not shredded (though my gloves were). The SUV swerved and did not run me nor my bike over.

I sprained my left wrist and elbow, and right wrist, plus various knees and leg parts were scraped. My left elbow seems to be the worst off: I cannot extend my arm past 80• without excruciating pain, nor can I bend my left arm beyond 40• without experiencing excruciating pain, the swelling is impressive. I’ve been icing my joints (including both knees), and am typing this using a home-made sling for my left arm. Of course I did not visit a doctor: the American healthcare system is only slightly more popular than the American airline system.

When I was a boy of around 9, I fell off a bike and broke my right elbow, today’s incident seems somewhat symmetrical in retrospect, even though, as far as I can ascertain, I did not break my elbow today, nor did I have to be driven 35 miles (or however far it was) to see a doctor in Burks Falls, calling a country doctor called away from shearing his sheep, with blood stains all over his shirt. Instead, I watched Charlie Wilson’s War (more on that later), took a lot of vitamins, and drank a few tequilas mixed with fresh fruit juice.

Oh, and the SUV driver was very kind, he stopped to make sure I was alright, and my bike was still serviceable. I was macho, and didn’t let him drive me home, and insisted I was ok. The accident was entirely my own fault, he was only an observer to it. My bike itself only suffered minor injuries: some scuff to the handlebars, and the chain popped off. I rode it home. My camera was ok as well, and I am going to be wearing a helmet next time I can bike (had to drive home using only my right arm: could not hold the handlebars with my left hand).

Speaking of, I should ice my elbow again.

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8 thoughts on “Bicycle Accident

  1. bigbluemess says:

    YEOWCH!!!! I’m at least glad it was an accident you could walk away from, but my elbows ache in sympathy.

    Of course, Julie B. sent everyone pictures and copies of her X-rays when she messed up her elbow in the MS 500 ride. Where’s the gore?

  2. Beth – haven’t taken X-Rays yet. I did take a photo of my knee boo-boo right after, but I was so hepped up with adrenaline, I might not have focused properly (still on the camera’s memory card). If the photo is good and bloody, I’ll make sure to append it.

  3. Brian says:

    Ugh, that sucks. The potholes have been horrible this year. Hope you’re able to get back on the bike soon.

  4. soup says:

    Wow, thats a huge pot hole! You will heal because every body does. I hope you are back on your bike no time!

  5. X-Rays didn’t show any fractures, only rotator cuff injury, sprained elbow and wrist. I’m never biking without a helmet again, that’s for sure.

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