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Venice Canal

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Venice Canal
Venice Canal, originally uploaded by swanksalot.

Taken somewhere in Venice, right before I dropped my camera lens-cap in the water and refrained from putting my hand in the nasty water to retrieve it.

from my 35mm archive (scanned from a print). Circa 1993.

a comment left on this Flickr photo1

Hello, my name is Rhett Hoffmeister, I own the website www.promaptraveler.com and am in the process of creating a screensaver to give away (free) to the visitors of my website. The screensaver will be composed of various images from around the web taken in Venice.

I like this image that you took in Venice in your Flickr account and see that you use creative commons license. I am writing to tell you that I will be using this image when I create the screensaver. I hope to have the screensaver completed this month, I am in the process of writing to all of the photograph owners to notify them of using their photos or seek permission if they are not creative commons. If you have any questions or comments or concerns please feel free to contact me.

In all instances there will be a reference to you as the photographer and your website where the picture is located. In addition, I will be creating a list of each and every photographer who allows usage of their photos and placing it on my site encouraging those who download the screensaver to visit all of the photographers.

Rhett Hoffmeister

  1. I gave permission, the concept sound interesting, though probably a Windows only application []

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