Moony Davis will let congressional term expire

My Congress-critter1 has decided not to seek re-election. Wonder who the front runners for this Congressional District are? Please, Walter Burnett, don’t run for the seat.

Come Aug. 4, Congressman Danny K. Davis (D-7th) will only circulate nominating petitions for the office of Cook County board president.

Davis announced early in July the formation of an exploratory committee to examine a possible run for that job. But in an interview with the Austin Weekly News, Davis noted the committee was just a formality and that he is a contender for Todd Stroger’s job.

“I am running for president of the Cook County Board,” said Davis, who has already sunk up to $40,000 into his bid for county board president. He spent $20,000 on a poll conducted two months ago that showed Davis had a strong favorable rating out of five possible candidates, including Stroger.

“This is serious business,” he said. “Politics is serious business. It is not the play stuff that some people make it out to be.”

Davis said he would not seek re-election as representative of the 7th Congressional District, since he cannot circulate petitions for both offices. The election for president of the county board will be in November 2010. He said he would let his congressional term expire at the end of that year. The county board president usually takes office on Dec. 1.

“My term in congress will not expire until the end of December 2010, and that is when I will give up my office,” he said.

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I would assume the seat will remain in the Democratic Party: in the 2008 election, Barack Obama won 88% of the vote in this district.

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