Reading Around on August 20th

Some additional reading August 20th from 12:26 to 17:28:

  • IVI-IPO Files Suit in Parking Meter Deal – Chicagoist – Will swanksalot's photo be called as People's Exhibit B in the case of The People V. King Daley?
  • Beyond HandBrake's defaults | Entertainment & HDTV | Playlist | Macworld – If you’re a Mac user interested in ripping your commercial DVDs to a format playable on an Apple TV, iPod, or iPhone, the free video transcoder, HandBrake 0.9.3, is one of the easiest ways to go about it. With a copy of the free VLC installed on your Mac, HandBrake can rip most DVDs made today, and the results it produces are quite watchable.

    But suppose you want to go beyond the defaults—tweak HandBrake to produce videos that take up less room on your iPod, dispense with a movie’s closing credits, or bear subtitles? It’s all possible with HandBrake, but it takes some tweaking. And tweaking HandBrake is what this article is all about

  • The Balcony » Web Tip: ScanSnap Community – Fujitsu has opened a site dedicated to ScanSnap owners and those of you who want to become one: the ScanSnap Community. So if you own a ScanSnap or plan to to so, check out the Updates, Testimonials, Tips & Tricks, and Ask the Expert sections to learn more about what you can do with a document scanner.

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