Man Sues RINO nightclub

My quick take: serves the patron right for stepping foot in such a lame bar.

Rino Bar

[343 West Erie, Chicago, despite what the sign says – 658 North refers to the cross street ]

A man is suing RiNo nightclub for injuries he says he sustained at the hands of one of RiNo’s bouncers.

According to the complaint, on December 20, 2008, plaintiff Sean Regan was in the VIP area of RiNo nightclub when he “inadvertently dropped a drink on the floor” and was asked to leave by an unknown bouncer.

When Regan asked to speak to the manager, the complaint states, the unknown bouncer angrily denied his request, led him down a dark hallway with another unknown bouncer, shoved him, twisted his arms behind his back and “spun him around violently at which time [plaintiff’s] left thumb hooked into the unknown bouncer’s jacket pocket, resulting in a fracture to [plaintiff’s] left hand.”

[Click to continue reading Man Sues RiNo nightclub for Injuries by Bouncer – Chicago Bar-tender, complaint here ]

Of course, I’ve only been inside about three minutes, but any bar that names themselves Republican In Name Only is suspect.

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