Tuesday iTunes Randomizer

Non-Sequitur alert: a random playlist, as generated tonight during my meditation1. Ignore the goofy formatting and crazy number scheme, I made a typo in the HTML, and didn’t want to go back and redo all the code.

  1. Jason IsbellDress Blues
    Sirens of the Ditch
  2. Americana, sometimes known as alternative country, a tale of being a casualty of war, sleeping in Dress Blues
  3. Bob DylanStonehenge
    TTRH Season 2 – 05 – Days of the Week
  4. what is the deal with Stonehenge? Bob ponders rocks of all time, and notes that currently there are two Starbucks and and Applebees inside the circle
  5. Johann Sebastian BachBach: Notenbüchlein Für Anna Magdalena Bach
    Bach: Notenbüchlein Für Anna Magdalena Bach – Menuet, BWV Anh. 114- Pieter-Jan Belder
  6. Ahhh, Bach
  7. The Velvet UndergroundI’m Waiting For The Man
    Peel Slowly And See Disc 2
  8. even after a hundred thousand listens, still love this garage rock tune, especially the occasional cha-ching double-time strum on one of the rhythm guitars
  9. Barack ObamaWhite Folks
    Dreams from My Father

  10. “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance” (Barack Obama)

    There are white folks, and then there are ignorant motherfuckers like you…

  11. MicachuEat Your Heart
  12. meh, some free track from Amazon.com
  13. Johann Sebastian BachBach Edition, Vol. 5 – Cantatas, Vol. 2 [Disc 4]
    Bach: Cantata #98, BWV 98, “Was Gott Tut, Das Ist Wohlgetan” – Was Gott Tut, Das Ist Wohlgetan- Ruth Holton, Sytse Buwalda, Etc.; Piet Jan Leusink: Netherlands Bach Collegium, Holland Boys Choir
  14. Louvin Brothers, TheThere’s A Higher Power
    Satan Is Real
  15. Check the album cover. Nuff said. Actually a great LP.

    “Satan Is Real” (The Louvin Brothers)

  16. Johann Sebastian BachBach Edition, Vol. 4 – Cantatas, Vol. 1 [Disc 3]
    Bach: Cantata #97, BWV 97, “In Allen Meinen Taten” – Ihm Hab Ich Mich Ergeben- Ruth Holton, Sytse Buwalda, Etc.; Piet Jan Leusink: Netherlands Bach Collegium, Holland Boys Choir
  17. With a good sustain guitar pedal, this would sound rockin’ translated as an Indie pop song.

  18. Johann Sebastian BachBach Edition, Vol. 12 – Keyboard Works, Vol. 2 [Disc 12]
    Bach: 3-Part Invention In A Minor, BWV 799- Pieter-Jan Belder
  19. Bach friendly meditation tonight. I forgot actually what I was thinking here, I drifted into galactic space

  20. The Velvet UndergroundIt Was A Pleasure Then
    Peel Slowly And See Disc 2

  21. “Peel Slowly and See” (The Velvet Underground)

  22. I’m lucky that I didn’t have a copy of this Nico rarity2 during my drug-addled youth, such a perfect song to listen to after being up for a few days straight on whatever. Not that I’d know about being up for days on end. That must have been someone else. Sounds like Nico singing, John Cale on squeaky viola, and Lou Reed on electric guitar, as far as I can tell.
  23. Iggy PopRepo Man
    Repo Man
  24. Iggy sounds like a thug here on the title track to the Repo Man soundtrack, love it. Bought a copy of this CD, used, this year, replacing my original vinyl version. Such memories invoked, of being a angsty-teen, of wondering what life would be like as a punk-rocker, etc. etc. I’m looking for the joke with a microscope!
  25. Circle JerksCoup D’Etat

    “Repo MAN – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (REPO MAN – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Iggy Pop, Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, The Plugz, Juicy Bananas, The Circle Jerks, Burning Sensations, Fear, harry dean stanton, emilio estevez, punk rock, art punk, 80’s) (michael nesmith)

  26. I even raised and shook my fist during the chorus of this song: Coup D’Etat!

  27. Stephan SmithAll Together Now
    Now’s the Time
  28. No idea where this song came from, but it isn’t bad. The singer has a slight lisp, but the acoustic guitar work is nice, and the lyrics are poignant and pointed enough to notice, about world unity. I’ll have to look for more music by this guy.
  29. Dubliners, TheMolly Malone
    Seven Drunken Nights
  30. This even goes further back: I remember learning this song in Mrs. Sullivans’ Fifth Grade class, South River, Ontario. I recall singing enthusiastically, in our children’s tenor voices.
  31. Barack ObamaBuy Your Own Damn Fries
    Dreams from My Father (Disc 2)
  1. we have one of those one-person sauna devices, and I let the day’s worries leave my body while ruminating about whatever it is my mind decides to ruminate upon, while playing my iPod []
  2. from Chelsea Girl []

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