Friday Musical Free For All

Immersed myself in my meditative tube, put on my headphones, and hit shuffle on the iPod. Here’s what played:

  1. Alejandro EscovedoSlow Down

    Real Animal

    I won’t bore you with a tale of Alejandro Escovedo, Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew album, LSD and the (now defunct) Waterloo Records Vinyl Annex, as I think I told it before. Glad Mr. Escovedo doesn’t have to clerk at Waterloo Records anymore though: he played at the Democratic National Convention in Denver if I’m not mistaken.

  2. Johann Sebastian BachBach: Cello Suites [Disc 2]
    Bach: Cello Suite In D Minor, BWV 1008 – Gigue- Jaap Ter Linden
    Cello is becoming one of my favorite instruments to listen to
  3. Sir Victor Uwaifo & His Melody MaestroesAkuyan Ekassa

    Nigeria 70 Vol. 1

    an awesome album, and a great funky tune; guitars, bass, drums, percussion.

  4. FreakwaterPut My Little Shoes

    Feels Like the Third Time

    other than the nice Carter Family-esque guitar playing1, not a favorite. They have much better songs in their oeuvre, some of which are even on this album, like My Old Drunk Friend which is a classic.

  5. Swanksalot Orchestra, TheDancing Bull
    Swanky Headroom III
    a tune composed, mostly in GarageBand, and not one of my most successful, I’m afraid. Thought it would be fun to record a bunch of guitar riffs and merge them, but it didn’t turn out that well. Oh well, still fun to hear fruit of my labor from 4 years ago. Hadn’t listened to it in a while.
  6. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The DarkEnola Gay

    Left Of The Dial: Dispatches From The ’80s Underground

    little bit of nostalgia for the 80s, though this track is not a huge favorite of mine. Love this Rhino 4 disc box set however, tons of good singles on it.

  7. Pearl JamGone

    Pearl Jam

    I like the idea of Pearl Jam: earnest, Pacific-Northwesterners, with political views close to mine, but truth be told, have never really have enjoyed listening to their music. Boring to me, this song included.

  8. Cale, JohnAntarctica Starts Here

    Paris 1919

    quiet, melodic pop tune. No idea what the song is about

  9. Lang, PeterSt. Charles Shuffle

    John Fahey, Peter Lang, Leo Kottke

    flashy acoustic guitar instrumental from an album full of them. Is it a dobro? Steel strings at least.

  10. The MelodiansSweet Sensation

    The Harder They Come

    classic reggae tune from The Harder They Come soundtrack, a Jamaican blaxsploitation film that is worth Netflixing if you haven’t ever seen it. The Melodians biggest hit was Rivers of Babylon, Sweet Sensation is solid, just not as good.

  11. Devendra BanhartLover

    Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

    fun, bouncy track, a homage to early 70s funky-soul, or whatever the hell it called, complete with slightly risqué lyrics.

  12. ChickenFat Klezmer OrchestraOt Azoy
    ChickenFat Demos
    Surprisingly good stuff from a local band; need to go see them perform live one of these days. They have several MP3s available at their website, check it out.

Today’s play list had a few duds on it, guess that’s part of the randomizer fun. Better luck next time…

  1. bass strings of the guitar playing a melody, in other words []

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