Colleen and Seth – Colfax 1971

Colleen and Seth - Colfax 1971
Colleen and Seth – Colfax 1971, originally uploaded by swanksalot.

My mother and me, circa 1971 (?), Colfax, California.
Slightly retouched in Photoshop.…


This is probably my favorite photo of my mother. Something about her expression here is just perfect. She isn’t smiling, exactly, nor quizzical.

Not sure exactly the provenance of this photo: think it was taken in Colfax, California, but don’t know where exactly, nor who took it.

The 1959 VW survived several more cross-country trips past this photo, and eventually became reused as the motor for a sawmill in Frostpocket1. Blue in this photo, later painted school bus yellow.

  1. if memory serves []

4 thoughts on “Colleen and Seth – Colfax 1971

  1. Your mom is really pretty. She’s got that Queen of all She Surveys look in this photo, which is very cool.

  2. suttonhoo says:

    brilliant shot.

  3. Auntie Pat says:

    I learned to drive stick shift in this car (Yosemite to LA) and still drive one. Think it was in ’70 though although you were about this size (tossing blanket into camp fire size) Sorry to hear the car is not waiting for me in Frostpocket. Dreams die hard. Love, AP

  4. AP: I think the car is waiting for you, it just might need a little tinkering. George put it up on blocks and built a shed around the car, but I think the shed collapsed in subsequent years.

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